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15 Business Ideas For Vacant Land To Make Money


Land is an asset and one of the most profitable assets indeed. Though we are surrounded by water on all sides, the land is what we need to survive. With the spread of civilization, land has become a scarce entity that needs to be conserved and used with utmost judiciousness and an eye to the future. Don't worry; we've listed 15 business ideas for vacant land to make money from.

There is a wide range of land businesses that you might look up to in order to use your vacant land to its full potential, but first, you need to consider some elemental factors like - The size of the land, Location of the land, Zoning laws of the area, Source of water, Safety hazards and precautions, Quality of soil and its composition, Vegetation and more.

Below are business ideas you can use to make money from your vacant land on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the type of business you will go with. 

01. Farming : 

Agriculture is one of the most growing and demanding sectors in today’s world. Agriculture business means producing and marketing agricultural commodities such as livestock and crops. Your motivation for starting a farming business is the thing that will directly impact your strategy. You can plant food crops that you can sell locally or export. Agriculture-related businesses when carried out with appropriate planning, passion, and dedication can reward you with a very good income.

02. Plant Nursery : 



The world today has a great sense of fashion in everyday work. Gardeners are now showing more interest in finding new varieties of plants. The nursery business is very profitable and demanding, and you can easily run your own plant nursery business without any hassles. The primary step is the availability of land. This land must have the basic qualities of land for farming. A successful nursery offers a wide variety of young plants to customers who purchase the plants individually or in bulk quantities.

03. Outdoor Advertising : 

If your land is beside the highway or in any other strategic location, you can put up billboards on the land and charge the advertisers for displaying their adverts on your billboards. This type of business can earn you a consistent passive income over a long period.

04. Amusement Park :

An amusement park business is perfect for the fun-loving, passionate individuals who want to establish a profitable self-rewarding business. The demand for amusement parks has grown strongly over the past few years. In the coming years, growth is expected to continue and have a positive influence on the outdoor entertainment and recreational industry. Before starting an amusement park preparing a business report is a must. It helps in the development of the all-important physical planning guidance and reconfirms the physical parameters like the total land size needed, building space required, etc.

05. Children's Educational Centre : 

According to the Global industry, the private learning and tutoring market is experiencing rapid growth. Starting your educational learning Centre allows you to get involved with a business trend that is headed in the right direction. Starting an educational learning Centre also gives you the chance to make a difference in the lives of children every day.

06. Restaurant Garden : 

Gardening business is a fast-growing business idea that can save money and beautify the landscape while also helping the environment. Gardens can be traditional outdoor plots, formed on a smaller scale, greenhouse, or planned as a restaurant garden. A restaurant garden is a unique concept of establishing a restaurant that looks like a garden and oozes fresh air. Turning your land into one such establishment is fascinating, along with being profitable.

07. Cell Phone Towers : 


Monthly rentals from mobile tower installation, along with potential empty land business ideas, may range between USD 200 per month and USD 1000 per month. The amount may differ according to the height, size, and area of the property. The mobile tower agreement may vary from 12 months to a few years, but the owner may extend the lease to leverage a long-term benefit. The installed tower may positively impact property values.

08. Solar Energy : 

The world of non-renewable sources is threatened and is giving way to renewable sources of energy, which is guiding humanity now. Solar energy is surely one of such source that is capable of turning into a formidable alternative to finite sources of energy. However, it requires adequate space for the installation of solar panels to furnish the amount of energy needed. Therefore, if you are wondering about starting a business on empty land, then you can most certainly use your tract of land for the development of solar energy. This will be profitable as well as turn you into a responsible citizen, at the same time, who champions sustainability by limiting the use of fossil fuels.

09. Yoga Studio :

Yoga is one of the oldest practices, which originated in India and focuses on keeping the human body and mind fit and active. This ancient Indian practice was never lost and is seeing quite a revival in the present era that we are living in. Yoga works best where the mind is free and in unbridled contact with nature. This is why open grounds are preferred over a building floor or an artificial ground. Here’s where you can strike a deal with your open land. Leasing your land for a Yoga studio is something that you can seriously look up in case you are looking for some inspiring land business ideas.

10. Dairy Farm : 

Dairy products form an essential part of human beings' diets. These products are reared from cattle, which need to be reared in vast tracts of land, where farms are set up. However, to establish farms, land is an essential requisite. Therefore, if you are currently possessing lands that are vacant and unused, then you can allow your land to set up a dairy farm, which will also help you improve your finances.

11. Beekeeping : 

Bees have a sting to remember, but it is often the honey that is most talked about and consumed all around the world. Construction of apiaries requires space, time, skillful staff, and more. Beekeeping is, in fact, a tough and hectic business indeed, but if you have land and you cannot figure out a perfect business to start on empty land, then leasing it for beekeeping will not be a bad decision, far from it.

12. Film Locations : 

Shooting for movies, short films, and television series needs photogenic locations. Exotic natural locations are tough to find and even pose a lot of restrictions; movie studios or sets, on the other hand, happen to be versatile and can be created to suit a wide range of moods, sets, and settings. These movie sets can be indoor and outdoor, while the latter provides much more room for customization. So, if you are ruminating on the creative uses of vacant land to make money out of it, then turning it into a film location would definitely turn into a wonderful idea that would be lucrative, too.

13. Harvest Timber : 

Wood is essential for the survival of humanity, and so are the trees. Therefore, cutting down forests meaningless on a large scale would never be good for anybody. We need an alternative solution to the same. Harvesting trees for timber can certainly be one of the most promising alternatives to the conspicuous problem. This is what you can do with your land if you are wondering how to use vacant land to make money in India. Vacant land business ideas Explore small business ideas for vacant land to maximize its potential.

14. Rent/Lease it Out : 

If you have a piece of land to your name, you can simply opt to rent it out to a bright prospect. Besides, if you cannot figure out what to do with the land you have, then it is quite lucrative if you simply rent it out because that will help you keep the land to yourself while accruing money on your behalf. You can give it some time and then decide on something permanent with the land.

15. Parking Lot : 

The manufacturing of cars has increased over the years, more and more of us are now opting for our cars instead of paying for car rentals. However, with the increase of cars, there is a constant demand for parking them. Parking lots are comparatively less in number and you can help in adding one more of them for the convenience of the society you live in. Leasing your land or turning it into a parking lot by yourself will help you earn all the proceedings that come from it. 


Hope this list of business ideas for vacant lands helps you! Remember, the suitability of these business ideas is dependent on various factors of the vacant land. So make the most suitable & feasible decision.

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