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With UK WPDS Internet Marketing Agency, reach your potential customers on search engines. With our PPC services, get more profit by reaching your potential customers with keyword analysis, social media advertising, and PPC service management.

Measurable ROI In A Matter of Weeks With Well-managed PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click advertising is the fastest way for companies to increase leads and conversions. The idea is to pay for your ads to display first for select keywords in search engine results for a specific audience seeking products or services your company provides. You pay a certain amount “per click” that is ideally negated by conversions.

The WPDS UK PPC team balances ad quality, cost-per-lead, and overall profitability to ensure companies get the most out of their PPC campaigns. Once a lead clicks on your ad, your website's functionality, user experience, and look play an important role in whether it converts. We build websites with the specific purpose of converting leads, particularly in conjunction with PPC campaigns. Successful PPC advertising is a comprehensive endeavor that requires experience and savvies to be successful. We bring a wealth of experience that translates to increased traffic to your website and ultimately higher profits.

WPDS PPC Services

With the PPC advertising company in the UK, we help you reach your potential customers and make more sales. We serve you as a PPC advertising agency with more than 20 years of experience and knowledge. With our expert team, we professionally manage your ads and ensure you reach your goals. Contact us for more detailed information if you want to be ahead of your competitors with our PPC service.

01. PPC Certified Specialist

Every member of our paid search team is PPC Certified. You can contact our specialists and create your PPC ads as your target.

02. Keyword Research and Analysis

We increase your potential customers who will visit your website by doing a detailed analysis to see which keyword will bring high-quality visitors to your website.

03. Creating Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ad Texts

Our team draws users' attention by writing quality ad text to drive the most relevant traffic to your site. In this way, you will be able to reach more potential customer portfolios.

04. Campaign Optimization and Bid Management

We are here to make sure your campaigns are set for maximum performance. We follow your campaigns and make all the necessary arrangements to optimize your budget.

05. Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking Setup

Our team will set up Google Analytics so you can analyze your store's performance. We will also set up conversion tracking to track your campaigns.

06. Creating Ad Extensions

We create all the necessary ad extensions to make your ads appear more interesting.

07. Setup and Management of Remarketing Campaign

We create a remarketing campaign to show your ads to past site visitors. We will also manage remarketing tags, ads, and audiences.

08. Basic Monthly Reporting

Thanks to our monthly reports, you will be able to see the performance of the campaigns.

Our PPC Strategy

Keyword Research
Considering your ads, target audience, and competitors in the industry, we conduct keyword research to bring your products to customers. Then we analyze the keywords continuously and optimize them to increase the performance of the campaigns.

Creating Ad Text
Creating a good ad copy will make your ad stand out and invite customers to visit and purchase your website. We create multiple ads in each ad group. This helps us find the text that interests your client the most. We create such advertising texts according to the interests of the customers.

Campaign Optimization and Analysis
After the setup of your account, our experts make the necessary optimization to increase the performance of your account with the help of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator). We use rich data in this analysis and optimization process.

User experience
Search engines like Google are constantly introducing new features. We constantly monitor and make necessary optimizations for your campaigns to use these new features. Contact us for more detailed information if you want to increase your income professionally with our PPC service.

WPDS PPC Packages
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