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Web design company, how to choose the best one for your project?

Choosing a web design company to face the development of the business website is a difficult decision. The “common mortal” is not too clear about what he needs or wants and only knows that he wants a website to give visibility to his business.

The search, generally, is oriented to the price-quality ratio, for which the portfolio of designed sites is looked at, two or three quotes are requested, compared, and a decision is reached. The chosen web design company will surely be the one with the lowest price because the filter of those that make “nice designs” will have been resolved in the previous stage.

(Normally web design companies do not publish rates, because web design is quoted “tailored” to the specifications of each project. We show you our standard rates for reference.)

In this article, I propose a “Check List” of questions that you should consider when choosing a web design company for your project, since giving visibility to your business is not just a matter of having a beautiful site at the best price. Your website is a key piece in your entire online marketing strategy, and it will be money thrown away if you don’t have this clear from the start.


Web design companies that think about online marketing

First of all, you have to know that nobody will come to your website for the simple fact that it exists and is online. Or, in any case, you will have very few visits if you don’t do something else to “spread it”.

So the first question would be:

Does the web design company you hire also understand online marketing, and can it help you think about your marketing strategies in a comprehensive way? What kind of website will you need, and how should you prepare it, from this initial moment, for the actions you will carry out in the following stages?

Essentially, there are two ways to give visibility to your business website: through paid advertising (Google Ads, Facebook, etc.) or through organic positioning (the way to make the pages of your site appear in the first positions in Google without investing in paid campaigns). Here I leave you the link to an article that I recently wrote, where I explain the two options (not exclusive), and how to decide on the appropriate strategy:

This question, then, is aimed at knowing if you are going to hire a web design company that “simply” designs websites, or you are going to look for a company that thinks of your website as a key part of a broader online marketing strategy. integral.

Really “search engine optimized” websites

When you do your search for web design companies to face the project of your business site, you will surely find companies and designers who promise that your website will appear in the first place in Google. “Bullshit!” As the Americans say. They are lies, do not be fooled!

It is one thing to “optimize” the site so that it is correctly indexed by search engines – with the final intention that it will eventually appear in the top positions in Google – and it is another thing to promise something that, as web designers, is not in our hands.

The second question, then, would be:

Does the web design company that you hire have true knowledge and expertise in SEO positioning, or do you just declare that your website will appear in the top positions in Google?

Web design company and self-managing sites

The concept of self-managing websites has been gaining ground in recent years among web design companies as well as their clients, and the reasons are plenty. In this section, we are going to see some of that, and also point out some misunderstandings and confusion that end up generating headaches and frustrations.

The increasing complexity of online marketing, and how competitive the online presence has become, mean that today a “static” site is destined to fail and go unnoticed. Achieving visibility requires strategies and actions through different channels, and coordination between them, with a comprehensive vision.

Even when we think about paid advertising campaigns – like Google Ads – doing it well requires permanently reviewing the website and creating landing pages for specific campaigns.

In the same way, the strategies of presence in social networks require the permanent creation of new content, and publish them in a coordinated manner between the different channels, often with an axis on the website. Therefore, when facing the project of a new site, clients look for a web design company capable of delivering a self-managing site, generally developed on the WordPress platform.

But beware! As I always point out, “self-managing” is not synonymous with the fact that anyone will become a web designer overnight. Personally, I am increasingly convinced that the term “self-managing” is unhappy, and does not adequately reflect what it really stands for.

A “self-managing” site is one in which its owner (the client who hired the web design company) can edit certain “zones” of the site on their own. On an e-commerce site, for example, it is expected that the owner can add, remove, or modify products. On the website of a real estate company, you can do the same with the properties. In more general terms, on a website with Blog, the owner may periodically publish his articles.

The mistake is assuming that you can do on your own, without having a web designer, everything that comes to mind. But “self-managing” does not mean that the site owner can create new pages, or add new content blocks to the “static” pages of the site. For example, adding a page that presents a new line of consulting services, or adding a block to the Home Page to announce to clients that their General Manager was interviewed on one of the most important television channels in the country.

I am not kidding … I have designed websites that I do not include in my portfolio because, at the time of having designed them, when visiting them again, I have found that their owners completely ruined it by showing their alleged “designer” skills.

By the way, before leaving you the question for this third topic, I invite you to know our proposal for the design of self-managing sites and see how we deal with this issue with our clients. Get to know our proposal now.

Now yes, our third question, then, is:

The web design company that you are going to hire, in addition to doing it on a WordPress platform so that it is self-managing, will it give you a minimum training so that you can edit by yourself or by yourself what is within your reach? What kind of accompaniment and support does it offer you when you need more important changes, and that exceed your abilities and talent?

What web design company do you need for your project?

I am tempted to continue adding more topics to this article, but I think that with these three I have already opened up a wide spectrum of the most important aspects that you should consider when approaching the new website project for your company or business.

In short, that a web design company can be just that – a website designer – or it can help you understand the challenges of marketing and online presence, and conceive of a website that is the dynamic axis around which it revolves. and on which the success of your business is sustained.

The three main advantages of a custom web design

Increased customer confidence

Making the user feel comfortable and safe browsing your website is one of the essential tasks to be accomplished. How do we do it? The answer is very simple: Creating a web design tailored to the company where the user feels safe buying or requesting information about your products and/or services.

For this, many factors will come into play: The creation of an easy-to-use interface, the inclusion of readable typography, modern designs, brand colors, quality images of your company and, in conclusion, a friendly visual composition that transmits professionalism, confidence and the values ​​for which your company stands out.

Improve user experience

User experience (UX) is one of the most relevant factors to consider when creating a web design. It will not do any good to create quality content for your pages if your website is not easy to use or does not order the information properly. All the effort and money you have invested in your online marketing strategy will be in vain if we fail to create a page that attracts the user and invites them to stay.

One factor that greatly influences the user experience is the loading speed. According to the most recent studies, if a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than half of the users will leave before they even give it a chance, and the vast majority will never try again. Users always look for immediacy, and that is a point that we must keep in mind.

Another factor that will influence user experience is navigation. The key is to always offer the simplest possible navigation. Where the user can navigate and explore your website in the easiest way possible. If we offer a user-friendly website and with aspects similar to those that the user is already used to seeing on other websites, we will make them stay longer and increase our chances of conversion (sales, calls, contact forms … etc).

Good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The creation of an updated and modern web design will help us not only to create a beautiful visual for your company, but it will also help us to improve their positions in Google (SEO). That is, the creation of a good web design will give us the possibility of increasing the traffic we receive through Google and other search engines.

Fundamental points that will have a very positive influence on the positioning of your website are responsive web designs or Mobile First designs. That is web designs designed primarily to be visited from mobile devices. Increasingly, the majority of users who browse the Internet do so from their mobile, and Google is aware of them, so it is very important that your website is 100% adapted to mobile users.

At Rupganj Web, in addition to creating the best custom web pages, we also have SEO experts in Dhaka who work closely with our web designers so that the portals we create have the latest improvements in organic positioning: Meta titles and meta descriptions, ALT tags, optimization of loading speed, web structure, internal linking, the usability of the navigation menu and much more.

These are just 3 main benefits that good web design will bring to your company, but there are many more. At our web design agency in Dhaka, we guarantee that creating a custom website is just what your company needs to achieve the success it deserves.

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