We will build your Brand website & digital marketing conversion strategy.

About This Package

Do you feel that you have tried everything and tired of working with so-called “experts” or “gurus” and still have nothing to show for it?

Hello, we’re the WPDS team and we want to be your digital marketing guy.

Every industry is different and coming up with a plan is tough especially if you don’t know where to begin.

Here’s what you can expect when you order this Package:
  • A Brand and business website with .com/.net/.org/.other domain
  • Growth Optimization and Daily Maintenance
  • Develop Brand Awareness and Social media strategy.
  • Increasing Website Exposure and Build Relationships (Engagement)
  • Competitive analysis and Community monitoring.
  • Build Customize visual roadmap of your conversion strategy (funnels, messages, wait for delays, etc)
  • Consultation with us (14+ years of digital marketing experience PLUS digital marketing certified expert)
  • Guidance on which software will be the most beneficial for your objectives

Once you submit your order and fill out the requirements, we’ll send over a link to our calendar so that you can choose a convenient time & day.

Fun Facts:

We have been a digital marketer for over 14 years and we’re certified in 9 Digital Marketer concentrations. we’ve built over 10,000’s of campaigns so if you’re having problems, we can most likely put you on the right track.
We love automation!

Your Success Is Our Purpose

Hi! Do you want to start seeing new customers, clients, and partnerships that last? Well, you need a solid digital marketing strategy and we have the expertise to get you to the next level of your marketing game.

Having a great design could increase your brand value a lot. Our experienced engineers can build a beautiful website with industry top-notch web.

Best Performance

SEO / Social Media

We create websites that are Search Engine Friendly and have Social Media Integration.


The development process involves following the created documentation to build the right features and functions.


UI elements, typography, and color schemes are selected based on branding requirements and our design research and analysis.


Our web maintenance team monitors ongoing performance in the long-term to prevent issues from occurring.

If you need a professional website or web design, Send a request. 

  • Get more visitors from Google, Bing and Other Search Engine
  • Attract more visitors from social media
  • Increase your readers’ engagement
  • Best Performance with Unlimited Bandwidth


We’re an International digital marketer. This catapulted us to work with agencies and develop campaigns for companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Universal Studios and more. Now we strive to build campaigns and teach small businesses how to leverage digital marketing to grow their businesses.

Advance Plan

$ 99 Monthly
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Unlimited Pages & Product
  • All services as demand

Start Plan

$ 50 Monthly
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & SEO
  • -------------------
  • Unlimited Pages & product
  • All services as demand
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Sorry, probably not. On average We receive 80 messages and 10-313 orders a day. Once orders are submitted, people book a convenient day in advance usually 3 – 10 days out.

It’s very likely that this conversion strategy will work for your business.

Once you complete your order, you will book a day and time on our calendar. Then you’ll answer a few questions.

We will give you a link and contact number for you to contact.

Yes, I will be sharing my screen so you’ll need to be on a computer to see it.