Why WordPress websites are the best responsive design


WordPress has established itself as the publishing platform par excellence leaving behind the traditional web in HTML; Nearly 250 million sites worldwide use this magnificent CMS (Content Management System). It is the great ally of small business for many reasons that we will explain below, but the main one is that the SMEs that have implemented it, have seen how it affected the organic positioning of Google and other search engines, giving more visibility to the brand.

In recent years it has evolved from the conventional web page to the so-called Weblog, which is nothing more than a blog in which the entries are chronological and allows interaction with the user. Static pages are no longer business-friendly if we want visibility on the network. Unlike a site created in HTML, WordPress allows you to add certain tools (or plugins) that facilitate SEO positioning, that is, the position we occupy in the search engine ranking.


Imagine for example that a person connects to Google and seeks “to buy flowers in Las Palmas” … where would we be interested in appearing? The answer is obvious because from our own experience we know that we will always click on the first links that appear. WordPress manages various parameters so that this indexing to search engines is effective, far exceeding any other publishing platform and the aforementioned web in HTML.

Another reason why many SMBs have adopted WordPress is that its handling is extremely simple and also does not require additional extra expenses. Once the website is designed, the user can publish content, images, and videos without the need to continually have a computer programmer, this would only be responsible for technical issues. For us to get an idea … it would be like a social network but in blogging. The system is created, we access and we just have to publish.


The arrival of web 2.0 has also been a determining factor for the rise of WordPress. The user’s priorities on the Internet have been transformed; no longer looking for a static page, but want one in which you can ask questions to the company, share experiences with other users, know that there is someone behind and can make their criticisms.

Many companies misunderstand this concept and think that by not allowing negative comments in their space these will disappear, but the truth is that experience shows the opposite. Criticism expands and multiplies in other web portals and social networks doing irreparable damage to the brand. It is for this reason that many SMEs have redefined their presence on the Internet and allow all kinds of comments concentrated in their Weblog to manage them themselves. WordPress is a very good platform to be aware of the entries of users.


Before we talked about organic positioning (SEO) and explained what it was, from that explanation we can easily deduce that if we are well-positioned in the search engines, we will report clients and therefore economic benefits.

We still have two more advantages to explain. WordPress, as well as its optimization for SEO, allows us to compete with the big ones. Small SMEs have never had the financial resources to make a TV advertisement in prime time, but competing for the first search results in Google does not require so much effort, it only depends on SEO.

And finally, we come to another of the most attractive advantages, meet our client. WordPress allows the installation of Google Analytics, the web statistics tool par excellence and also free. In the results we can know from the origin of our users to the device from which they connect, the hours of greatest connection, what sections they visit in short, it provides us with all the data to know perfectly our potential client and satisfy your needs, as well as guide our commercial campaign towards this type of user.




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