PPC Management

PPC Campaigns helps you drive instant traffic.
Millions are searching.Make sure they find you.
Reach customers looking for your business. Use the Search Network to connect with an audience that searches 10 billion times a week.

We will build certified google ads PPC campaigns

We’re a former Google employee, Google Ads Certified Individual since 2010 & Bing Ads Accredited Professional.We’re certified in Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping Ads and Analytics.

Currently working as a Google Partner, I feature a Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing and 10+ years experience in SEM, Digital Marketing and PPC. 

Each Campaign Setup will require secure MCC account access, which allows me to access your account with no login details. Setups include:

  • Setup of one search campaign with your specific goals, targets and budget
  • Setup of ad groups included per package. Additional ad groups are available.
  • Setup of ALL relevant ad extensions
  • All relevant conversion codes provided
  • Remarketing and Display campaigns available (extra)
  • Conversion and Goal tracking implementation available (extra)

What you are getting is an enterprise level PPC campaign build of the highest quality, backed by 10+ years of relevant experience. The campaign I build for you is of the same caliber provided to my enterprise clients.

* English language only.*


Most frequent questions and answers

The amount of traffic depends on many factors such as your budget, keywords, targetting, etc. The more budget you’ll put in the more website traffic you’ll generate.

Our PPC experts will track the behavior of each visitor and will try to improve your campaigns according to the performance data. This will gradually increase your conversions over time. However, the amount of conversions depends on many factors, such as your product quality, your pricing, your landing page, and your competition.

Our PPC experts will monitor your campaigns daily. If ads don’t work well, we’ll work on them. We’ll perform A/B testing to find out which ads are working well and we’ll keep tweaking them until they’ll perform better. Our experts will make sure you don’t waste any money.

There are Zero setup fees at WebPage Design Studio. We’ll set up your campaign as part of your monthly PPC contracts.

We will send you a questionnaire and discuss your project on call. Upon receiving all the required information, we’ll set up your PPC campaign and keep you updated on the status.

We’ll learn about all your requirements and ad preferences, and upon receiving all the information, we’ll send you a draft to review before publishing any ad.

No, depending on your PPC package, WebPage Design Studio will take care of the landing page copy & ad content. However, you’ll always be allowed to share your ad content ideas.

Our initial contracts are three months long. After the initial contract, your account will be shifted to a month-to-month basis. However, you will be allowed to cancel at any time by sending us a written or digital notice.