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Website Maintenance

WebPage Design Studio is a top website maintenance services company, helping businesses across the globe improve the performance and security of their websites. Whether you’re looking for a monthly, hourly, or after-hours website maintenance plan, WebPage Design Studio provides the experience and expertise your company demands.
  • Quarterly CMS Security patches
  • Urgent CMS support/restore if the website is hacked
  • Design or development time included per month
  • Daily Security Scan

Web Maintenance Services Built for Your Business

With every online search, 50 percent of users discover a new company, product, or service. They visit your website, explore your products, browse your services, and get a first impression of your business. That first impression can make or break your company’s next sale.
For businesses today, this fact makes website maintenance a top priority.

As your partner, WPDS provides your company with a custom and comprehensive website maintenance plan that helps your business deliver a fast, secure, and seamless online experience. Plus, as a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer turnkey solutions for maximizing your site’s performance.

What do website maintenance services include?
Whether you’re partnering with WPDS for blog posts, product descriptions, online guides, or long-form content, we customize your strategy and deliverable to your business — it’s how we’ve driven more than $1.5 billion in revenue for our clients. As a part of our website maintenance services, your company receives access to the following:

4 services included with website maintenance
✓Regular updates
✓Tech support
✓WordPress maintenance
✓Promised turnaround time

With regular updates, which happen during business hours, our team of developers keeps your website functional and secure for users. Whether you’re looking to add new images, delete page copy, or modify a link, our website maintenance services offer what you need.

For a quick summary, here are some examples of updates included in our packages
Text: Additions or deletions.
Photos: Additions, deletions, and basic retouching.
Pages: Additions or deletions using existing page design.
Navigation: Basic navigational changes (add, move, or delete an item in the navigation).
File downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents.
Videos: Insertion or deletion of a pre-edited video.
Links: Additions or deletions.
Color and background images: Changes or replacements.
If you have questions about regular updates, feel free to contact us online for more information.

*This is an example of services included in the website maintenance plans and is not a complete list.

As a part of our website maintenance plans, your company also receives access to our stellar tech support. With the expertise of our development team, your business can get help with a variety of challenges, like setting up email.

In addition to tech support, your company can also submit a consulting request as a part of your website maintenance services. Whether you have questions about creating a new contact form or adding a new page to your navigation, our talented team can provide your business with a helpful perspective.

Many businesses use WordPress as their CMS, which is why our website maintenance plans include WordPress support. As a part of your package, our team takes care of WordPress upgrades and security patches for your company.

Keep in mind that only our “Progressive” and “Enterprise & Ecommerce” website maintenance packages include WordPress maintenance. If you select “Up & Coming,” you will not have access to these critical quarterly upgrades.

We recognize the essential role of your website, which is why our website maintenance services include promised turnaround times. Our turnaround times vary by your package, like monthly or hourly, and your plan, like “Progressive” or “Up & Coming.”

As an example, “Progressive” plans include a max turnaround time of three business days. In comparison, “Up & Coming” plans have a turnaround time of five business days. Meanwhile, our hourly support plans include a full one-month refund if our partner can’t resolve the issue in 24 hours.

What regular updates do website maintenance services include?
When it comes to website maintenance services, companies often ask one question, “What do regular updates mean?” It’s an excellent question and can vary by website maintenance companies, which is why it’s important to ask. Examples of typical website updates (included with our site maintenance packages) include:

4 features of WPDS website maintenance services
✓Overall site improvements
✓Product or service updates
✓Online specials
✓Interactivity maintenance

The best appraisal of your website’s performance comes from the people visiting your website, from customers to staff to leads. Questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions generated from site visitors provide invaluable feedback to improve your site. With routine website maintenance, you can use these suggestions to enhance your site and its online performance.

As your company continues to grow, it’s inevitable that your products, services, and prices will change. That’s why businesses need a consistent schedule and process for updating old products, changing existing service prices, and more.

With website maintenance, you keep your company website current for users. This proactive step benefits your business in multiple ways, allowing you to provide the latest products, services, and rates to streamline the user shopping experience.

Consumers trust the Internet, and they also count on your website to provide the accurate information they need before contacting you or coming to your storefront. It is crucial that the information on your site is up-to-date, for this reason, and many more.

If you’re an ecommerce company, it’s essential to update your website with your latest sales, promotions, and more. Even if your company operates offline, you can offer specials online that drive users to call your team, visit your location, or schedule an appointment.

When your company provides special promotions, discount programs, and more, you keep your business competitive. Short-term and long-term sales initiatives require updates to your site. Website maintenance services enable you to strengthen your sales with unique offers for shoppers.

With ever-evolving technologies, a website begins to appear aged if the interactive components get neglected. If your site’s development pieces aren’t working on every browser and device, you will lose current and potential clients. Plus, you weaken your online reputation.

Issues with your website’s interactive features can also increase your bounce rate. This metric refers to the percentage of people that leave your site without visiting another page and often indicates that your website isn’t delivering on user expectations.

Website maintenance fine-tunes your site to ensure your site’s interactive features work. Even if these features become outdated and require replacement, website maintenance services can give your team an advance notification about this need.

Keeping all your website’s features operational help you market your products and services successfully.

What website maintenance services include for premium clients?

If you’re investing in website maintenance services for the first time (or switching providers), it’s essential to understand what your package includes. That way, your business can choose the best site maintenance plan for your company, as well as ensure you have the support you need. For reference, here are a few examples* of what you find with website maintenance services:

8 services you find with website maintenance plans
✓Navigation redesign
✓Media creation
✓Media edits
✓Content writing
✓New site functionality
✓Site redesigns
✓Interactive features

If you’re looking to do more than add or remove a page from your navigation, then you need to look into web redesign services. With our redesign services, your company can receive a brand-new navigation bar that offers a fast and seamless user experience, which can result in happier visitors.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, our team can film videos, shoot photos, and more for your business. This service, however, does not come with our website maintenance services because it focuses on creating, rather than maintaining.

Our website maintenance services come with basic image retouching. If your company requires more extensive retouching or manipulation, whether for images, video, or audio, then you will need to pay an additional fee for those services.

As a part of your site maintenance, our developers can remove or add content supplied by your team. We cannot, however, develop, write, and publish new content for your website. If you’d like to take advantage of our website copywriting services, we feature a talented team of experienced writers.

While our website maintenance plans ensure the functionality of your website, they do not include the development or implementation of new site functionality features. Our web design and redesign services, however, can help your business move forward with a site functionality project.

No matter what you’re looking to redesign, from your entire website to a section of your website, your business will need to invest in redesign services. It’s incredibly uncommon for website maintenance services to include redesigns due to the time and resources required by the process.

You can add a variety of interactive or animated features to your website, from calculators to surveys. Implementing these features, however, require a substantial amount of development time, which is why interactive features need a separate investment.

With search engine optimization (SEO), you can improve the visibility of your website in search results, which can lead to more valuable traffic not only finding and visiting your site but also doing business with your company. It requires a separate strategy and dedicated team, however.

If your business wants to improve your website with any of the above features, we can help. Talk to your dedicated project manager or strategist about what you’re looking to change, and they can provide you with a custom quote.

Why choose WebPage Design Studio for website maintenance plans?

With a client retention rate of 91 percent, WebPage Design Studio is the trusted choice for companies in need of website maintenance. Our decades of experience, customized strategies, and unparalleled commitment to our clients set us apart from other website maintenance companies in the industry. Learn more about why businesses choose WebPage Design Studio:

5 reasons companies choose WPDS for website maintenance services
✓Dedicated team
✓Online support system
✓Website maintenance plan options
✓Diverse skillset
✓Full-service agency

WPDS features a dedicated team of full-time designers and programmers devoted to website maintenance. With current coding techniques, our website maintenance team ensures your site is fresh, strengthens your brand, and performs well.

Another reason why clients love our website maintenance plans is thanks to our online customer support system. Just send an email to our online customer support system, and your website maintenance request gets automatically added to one of our developer’s or designer’s to-do list.

With our online customer support system, you can log on at any time to view the status of your website maintenance request. Plus, you can set a priority level, edit your ticket, and more. Website maintenance has never been easier!

We understand that sites have different needs.
That’s why we offer three separate website maintenance services, plus three different plans or tiers. Unlike other companies, we can also tailor each package to your business. With our custom approach, we ensure you receive a website maintenance plan that meets your unique needs.

With our dedicated full-time team of developers and designers, we offer your business access to a unique group of individuals with a diverse skill set that includes web marketing. Their expertise provides your business with insight, as well as opportunities for improving your online presence.

For many clients, our role as a full-service digital marketing agency is an immense benefit. As a full-service company, we can provide your business with all the services you need to excel online. From SEO to 30-day web design, we offer the talent, tools, and resources you need in one location.

Get the best website maintenance services for your business

If you’re looking for a trusted website maintenance company with a track record of satisfied clients, choose WPDS. We have a client recommendation score that’s 488 percent higher than the industry average and a 91 percent client retention rate.

Contact us to get the services with your project details,, Starting at $200/month.