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We take pride in helping you build your brand online, whether it's on websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, blogs, or social media.

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E-commerce website

Here at WebPage Design Studio, we provide a range of e-commerce solutions or online stores to help you launch your business. Platforms can be 100% custom or out of the box, with a number of customizations. We serve online stores and membership sites of all sizes, and we guarantee reliable transactions, whether they are single or repeat billing. Our e-commerce sites are reliable, innovative, visually appealing, and easy to use.

  • B2C Retail E-commerce
  • B2B e-commerce
  • Omnichannel commerce
  • International electronic commerce

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Commercial website

We help you promote your business and your brand by creating custom websites or even restructuring an old, faded one that no longer attracts users or sends the wrong message to customers. We also help you launch eCommerce sites or online stores if you want to join this booming industry.

  • We facilitate content management.
  • We integrate SEO
  • We provide responsive design
  • We optimize speed

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Dreaming of seeing your business rank high on Google search results pages for some specific terms? Think SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is a technique that attracts more people to your website as your business becomes prominently visible online, crushing competitors.

We offer on-page optimization and off-page optimization (two main SEO techniques).

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Technical and local SEO
  • Monthly reports

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Social media marketing

Businesses use social media to build brand awareness, instill a desire to buy products or services, and generate leads. We are here to help you manage this time-consuming activity so that you gain better online visibility for your business and effectively engage with your prospects and customers.

  • Increase brand recognition
  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Increase inbound traffic to a website
  • Get more sales conversions
  • Achieve higher rankings in search engines on Google

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Mobile apps

We develop mobile applications for your business for smartphones, be it applications for iPhone, applications for iPad, or applications for Android.

Our applications are the end product of rigorous user research carried out in the early stages of development. We evaluate the current market, user response, habits, preferences and expectations before starting the development cycle.

  • Interact with customers
  • Provide fast and efficient customer service to customers with inquiries.
  • Help you launch new products and services to your customer base.
  • Allow you to conduct personalized market research

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Software development

Imagine the joy of having highly efficient software to improve operations and work processes in the office and in the field, for everyone's peace of mind and a smooth work result. Automation and custom software are on the agenda for incredible business productivity. We design and develop different types of software tailored to your needs and budget.

  • GDPR compliant management software
  • Office management software
  • Team management software
  • Billing software
  • Payroll software
  • Human resource management software

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