Want to empower tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and impact millions of people from around the world with simple yet effective technology? Join our team!



WPDS is 100% distributed company with team members from US, Europe and Asia. We don’t have a corporate office, so anyone can work from the comfort of their home or wherever they are.

We practice Agile on all levels.

We hire based on what you can do and who you are as an individual, not what institutions grace their names on your certificates and diplomas.

If you’re good, you’ll go far. If you’re great, you’ll go further.

All our internal communication happens through private channels on Slack. Our primary project management tool is JIRA. For some teams outside of software development we use Trello.



Once you pass the initial interview stage you join DashNex on a contract for a special project that we call the BOOTCAMP. It usually takes between 1-5 weeks, depending of the position you applied for.

During the Bootcamp you get a Mentor – someone from our team that will help you with every step on the way. The Mentor will help you to learn our processes, systems, methodologies as well as meet everyone in the team.

After you pass the Bootcamp we have another discussion to make sure our objectives are aligned and you can fully integrate in the team.



SELF-MOTIVATION – since we don’t have a corporate office, you should be self-motivated to work on your own.

SKILL – you absolutely must have a skill for the position you apply for.

HONESTY/INTEGRITY – we value teamwork. Lots of things will depend on you. Therefore, being honest about the things you can and you can’t is vital to success for both – you and the company.

DEDICATION/RELIABILITY – there is no substitute for hard work, and when you say you are going to do something, it gets done, or you proactively flag up issues so others can help.

COMMUNICATION/TEAM WORK – ability to say “I don’t understand” to communicate a point of view, as well as help others in the team is essential for you to grow within a team.

DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE – our primary goal as a company is to give exceptional user experience in whatever we do. So you must strive to make things better and continuously improve in what you do.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – we are all humans, and stuff happens, but most of the time it should be right. We simply care about other people as well as projects.

CURIOSITY/PASSION – you absolutely must love doing what you do, and you should be curious to learn how stuff works, so you can continually grow and improve.



CONSISTENCY – regardless when you tune in, there is always something waiting for you, so you will have something important to work on at all time.

WEEKLY PAY – we ask our team members to submit an invoice on Monday for the previous week and we usually make a payment by Thursday.

FREEDOM – you define when you want to work and when you want to take a time of. Just add your time of to our company calendar and you are set.

FLEXIBILITY – as long as you can be online for a few important conversations, the rest is down to your own schedule – you define the working hours.

RESPECT/FAIRNESS – we are all diverse people with different backgrounds and view on the world. We accept these differences and regardless of where are you coming from, you will be respected and valued equally.

GROWTH – learning never stops. As Agile practitioners we encourage team members to share their perspective, ask for feedback and challenge their own thoughts and everything we do always evolves.

ZERO NONSENSE – we say what we mean and we mean what we say. There is no nonsense. We don’t create useless hierarchies – we are a team that are focused on serving our customers and make life easier for them.



If what you have learned so far sounds interesting, please Contact Us with your Resume and tell us about yourself. Let us know what your main skills are and how you can contribute to the team.

Please make sure to include the title of the position you’re applying for in the subject of your message and attach your resume.

Also, make sure you spell and capitalize WPDS correctly, because we receive hundreds of applications, so try to make your application to stand out.



  • Web design and developer
  • Product manager
  • Graphics designer
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO marketing or blogger
  • Ad campaigner
  • Customer service pro