Top techniques to get the first download my app
According to recent statistics, there are more than 1.4 million apps on the Apple App Store. For the Google Play store, the number is 1.5 million. Competition in the app market is fierce. In such a situation, it is increasingly difficult to achieve initial traction for applications.

At Mobisoft Infotech, which is an application development company for iOS and Android, we help many first-time entrepreneurs launch their applications. So as a service to our current and future customers, we decided to go out there and list all the tactics that are posted, which helps the apps get initial traction. This blog post lists them all. I’ll start with simple things like ASO that is completely under your control first and then move on to social strategies that you can use to promote your app. And can get download your app
Get the basics right. Implement ASO – App Store Optimization

App promotion
One of the main ways users find your app is through the search function of the App Store. ASO – App Store Optimization – is a set of basic practices that you should follow to ensure that your application appears in the App Store search for terms related to your application. Here are some tips related to ASO:
So, you have an application. It is built, tested and tuned for the needs of your business and the relationship you want to establish with your customers. All you have to do now is encourage them to download it; after all, if an app doesn’t download, does it exist?

1. Choose the app title strategically
2. Research your keywords thoroughly
3. Write a clear and concise app description
4. Get more ratings, reviews, and downloads for your app
5. Be obsessive about resolving negative reviews
6. Use localization to get more downloads Localization
7. Don’t use simple screenshots of your app.
8. Freemium can be the silver bullet for many types of apps.
9. Play with the pricing of your app to attract more
10. Tell your app’s story using a video
11 Create a six-second how-to series.
12 Localize the Google Play store video.
13 Use the video of your app on your app’s website.
14 Create a YouTube channel for your app.
15 Send your video with your review requests to the bloggers.
16 Use video ads to drive installations on Facebooks and other ad networks.

We have some online and offline tips to make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

How do I get people to download my app.
1. Know your ASO (App Store Optimization).
Make sure people can find your application. The App Store for Apple devices has a search function that doesn’t always work; Google Play is riddled with bugs; the Windows 10 app store is a mess. You need to make the most of this bad batch – 40% of Android device app installs are done through Google Play, you need to make sure you optimize.
You need to know your target customer base well enough to predict the keywords they will use in app search and make sure they appear in the title. You should also keep the description short, impactful and human-sounding – a series of keywords may be optimal for the search engine, but it is the human user who chooses to download the apps, and the description should be readable and attractive to them. . .

2. Market your application wisely.
Find innovative ways to market your application, related to what your software does. If your app shows bus schedules, promote it by distributing seat covers for bicycles caught in the rain. If your application is to book movie tickets, sponsor a secret screening with your QR codes on display at the venue. You don’t have to be open about it either – try guerilla marketing by sharing content that doesn’t directly promote your app or doesn’t even mention it, except for a link at the bottom.

3. Hold a launch event.
Provide free food. Provide free drinks. Provide free entertainment. Link your app to a positive emotion and your customers will think highly of it the next time they visit your app store.

4. Offer referral rewards.
Take a sheet from Wriggle’s book. They offer users £ 3 to refer friends; It’s a small cost to you, but word of mouth marketing can be very powerful. It also offers an incentive for early adopters – those who often download the app but don’t install it, or install it but don’t use it, or use it for a while and then forget about it.

5. Search bloggers and influencers to preview your app.
An article in a tech or specialist blog, or an appearance on a longer-term recommendation list, is a powerful marketing tool. Previews and recommendations encourage customers to search for your app by name or click directly on content they just read, rather than having to select it from other search results.

6. Make the most of your environment.
If your application is designed for a certain location, such as our clients’ traditional applications, please publish there. Inform your staff to inform your contacts about the new app. Link the app to a deal, discount, service, event, anything that creates an association between the app, location, and a positive experience. It may also be worth offering a free wi-fi spot for visitors to download your app. This is especially useful to avoid international roaming charges for tourists and the like.

7. Offer alternatives.
Offer a printed version of your application for older users. For a heritage trails app, for example, distribute a printed map of the trail. For a takeout app, offer a brochure containing discount coupons.

8. Use targeted advertising on social media.
Advertising targeted to specific demographic groups on social media can be very effective and some platforms, such as Twitter, for example, offer specific tools for promoting apps. If your application is for recycling textbooks, advertise to college students during the school term, creating a focused call to action. Even the time of day you push or promote your post makes a difference – activity on a given platform or by a given user base will vary in any 24 hour period.

9. Be receptive.
If your app has bugs, always answer the reviews publicly in the app store or in your update notes. Show that you listen to your customers, act on issues, and are not neglecting their long-term application. This should help increase retention rates and convince new users to give your app a try.

10. Accept backups when they arrive.
In the same spirit as our previous advice on bloggers and influencers, prepare to capitalize on if someone famous speaks well of your app. It happened to SwiftKey; It could happen to you Set up Google and Twitter alerts for your app mentions, if a celebrity picks up, retweets, relocates, and rejoices in public endorsement.
To learn more about the apps and the app ecosystem, explore our case studies, including the Soho Story heritage app we created for the National Trust. The knowledge will give techniques to get the first download my app

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