What are the skills needed for a digital marketing manager

The Digital Marketing Manager role is very broad and differs from business and marketing requirements. A Digital Marketing Manager resembles a multitasking automated system that needs proficiency to run, track & measure the Digital Marketing campaign performances. Besides he is responsible for managing respective Digital Marketing professionals.

So, you must be good at the following skills to get hired & survive in this fast-paced environment.


What does a digital marketing manager do?

With the increasing stress on the digital marketing strategies and reaping the true benefits of it for the success of any business, there have been many more responsible jobs that have come up, including the digital marketing manager.

Digital marketing is so heavily loaded with new and old strategies to be implemented so that the companies can grow manifold, it has been increasingly becoming difficult to manage the field single-handedly.

A digital marketing team comprises of various professionals including the:

Now to handle all of these sub-departments under digital marketing, it would need some really experienced head or some really skilled and expert having incredible knowledge on digital marketing in its entirety.

Thus the role of digital marketing head or manager emerged over the past few years, since the responsibilities in this field increased manifold with the growing popularity of digital marketing as a field for the benefit of many organizations.

There are various important roles and responsibilities of the digital marketing manager, which includes the following:

The digital marketing manager has to devise great online strategies and plan accordingly for a perfect promotional campaign for a business through all the possible digital means of marketing.

Execute these strategies with utmost care and help the entire team and guide them through his/her expertise in this domain.

A manager’s major responsibility includes communicating with the clients of the company and understanding their needs and requirements, thereby helping his entire team to understand the same.

The manager also should be able to track the various processes involved in the digital marketing techniques’ implementation.

The manager is also responsible for helping the company understand the various metrics including social benchmarking in order to understand where the company exactly stands and how is it doing as compared to its competition.

A manager helps evaluate a company’s measurements as regards its position in the entire industry by helping them understand the data collected from the web analysts to help them grow as a repercussion.

The manager has to have the leadership skills in order to help guide the entire team in the right direction and thus should possess excellent analytical and persuasion skills himself/herself.

The digital marketing manager should basically collaborate with the entire team, the organization, the client and bring the organization with more and more conversion of leads through all the possible techniques of digital marketing as such.

Moreover, the digital marketing manager should be always on his/her toes to work upon the new and evolving trends in technology and understand it better to implement the various changes and suggest them to his/her team members as well.

Thus in order to become a good digital marketing manager, you will be required to have tremendous knowledge on the subject.

Want to start your career in Digital Marketing?

One of the best digital marketing certifications offering practical training is the DMMC Course offered by IIM SKILLS Institute.


What do I have to do to become a digital marketing manager?

First, we will be joining as a Digital Marketing Analyst or Executive. Digital Marketing is huge field with different verticals like

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media
  3. eMail Marketing
  4. Paid Campaign
  5. Whatsapp Marketing
  6. Video Marketing
  7. Content Marketing
  8. etc.,

Hope before joining for the job you might have taken a digital marketing course from the institute or freelancer. In that stage, you have to start blogging on your own. So that you can have a regular practice in your blog and independently.

All we need to practice by ourselves in our blog. Since all the opportunities may not come in the company for everyone. This should be on a regular basis.

Benefits of having a blog

  1. You can practice on your own while learning
  2. You can get an idea on writing the content
  3. You can increase subscribers list
  4. You can monetize from your blog
  5. You can create a portfolio from your blog.

By having a continuous working for your blog for 2 years you will have a greater result-oriented experience to showcase your skills in your working company or in an interview.

I hope you would like this suggestion.


What is the role of a digital marketing manager?

Digital Advertising is a growing, dynamic and also a huge field of marketing with a variety of digital marketing task functions. Every specific job role assists you to create the ideal online marketing skills.

There are various task functions in digital marketing;

Digital marketing functions and duties are there for developing strong and also cutting-edge digital marketing methods making use of Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, SEM, and other strategies to bring in web traffic to the company’s web site and also raising awareness of business’s products and services.

The role of a digital marketer includes:

Have the ability to examine wonderful vendors for company growth. He needs to be able to perform efficient online advertising techniques or projects that aid to promote the company.

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