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The best promotion ideas for your business

“How do we increase our sales?”

That’s a question every business is eager to answer! Promotions are one way to do it.

Promotions have the power to encourage existing customers to repurchase and woo new prospects to your brand. How you choose to approach promotions is up to you. There are dozens of promotion ideas that work, so you can test several throughout the year and refine your tactics to get the greatest results.

Ready to explore some tried and true sales promotion ideas? Let’s go.

1. Launch a flash sale

Limited-time offers can encourage your audience to take action. A flash sale can induce FOMO and spur them to buy before it’s too late.Flash sales usually have an element of surprise—they’re launched without advanced warning—and offer great bargains for a very limited time.

How you structure your flash sale is up to you. You might hold it on a specific day (like a 24-hour flash sale in honor of your business’s anniversary) or at the end of a season to help move some merchandise you’d like to clear from inventory.

2. Start a seasonal promotion

Like a flash sale, a seasonal promotion creates a sense of urgency for your audience.A seasonal promotion can be inspired by just about any timely event. You might build yours around one of these ideas:

  • A holiday (e.g., Halloween, Memorial Day)
  • A local event (e.g., your town’s annual half marathon)
  • An industry-specific national or international day (e.g., National Hot Chocolate Day, International Mind-Body Wellness Day)
  • A seasonal event (e.g., the end of Daylight Savings, back to school)

No matter what seasonal event you choose to celebrate with your promotion, see if there are ways to tie your offering into the event. For example, your Leap Day Sale might feature a 29% discount on all purchases.

3. Offer an influencer marketing discount code

Social media influencers have been around for a while now, but in the era of TikTok, their power only grows. Partnering with an influencer to promote your product can be a great way to tap into an existing community of people passionate about your field.

For example, a makeup brand partnering with a makeup influencer doesn’t have to worry whether the influencer’s audience will care about its product. These people have self-selected to follow an account dedicated to makeup information and tips. That’s the brand’s dream audience!

4. Donation promotions

Doing good is always a positive. Not only does it feel good, it shows your customers your caring side and makes them feel better about doing business with a kindhearted brand.

Promotional ideas that allow you to give back can be a win for everyone: your team, your brand, your customers, and those you give to. Consider designing a promotion that rewards giving back, like a food drive before the winter holidays. When customers bring in canned goods, you offer them a percentage off their purchase.

5. Send out direct mail offers

Direct mail may seem old school, but it remains a highly effective marketing tactic, even among younger generations. A study from the USPS found that 72% of Gen Z respondents look forward to receiving mail, and 38% of them visited a website after getting a mailer.

For local businesses, direct mail is a powerful way to greet your neighbors with promotions and offers at home. It’s fun to get creative with direct mailers, but the offer can be as simple as a coupon on the card you send!

6. Use paid marketing for targeted offers

Some sales promotion ideas do best with advertising spend to back them up. Paid marketing is a great way to ensure you greet the right person with the right offer at the right time.

7. Host a social media contest or giveaway

Who doesn’t love a social media contest? These promotion ideas can create an online buzz and help you expand your audience online.

Giveaways that encourage your followers to tag friends in the comments as part of entry introduce you to second-degree connections.

Contests that invite people to vote for their favorite entrants encourage those contestants to share their posts with friends to drum up support.

Either way, you are casting a wider net with your social media presence.

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