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How to Make Money With Some Old Things You Have


These days, everyone is looking for a way to make some extra cash. This may involve side hustles or working extra hours, but not many people realize you can actually make a fair bit of cash with the old things you have lying around at home. From clothes to furniture, there are a number of ways to turn your unwanted items into cash. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Have A Yard Sale

This is a great way to get rid of all kinds of unwanted items, from clothes to furniture. Just set up everything in your yard or driveway and put out a sign letting people know you’re open for business. You’d be surprised how many people will stop by and take things off your hands — and you’ll get paid in the process.

Sell Your Car

Before we delve into the different methods of making money with your old trinkets and treasures, one of the most obvious ways to make a lot of cash fairly quickly is by selling your old car. There are a few reasons why it’s generally a good idea to sell your old car if you’re looking to make money. First, cars depreciate quickly and so selling them while it’s still worth something can be a smart move. Additionally, you may be able to get a tax deduction for selling your car, which can further increase the amount of money you ultimately take home.

Finally, if you no longer need or want the car, getting rid of it can free up valuable space and resources that you can put towards other things. Junk car buyers can give you an instant payout in cash, so you’ll have the money you need almost immediately! These companies are helpful because they provide a quick and easy solution for people who want to get rid of their old cars. You don’t have to worry about haggling with buyers or going through the hassle of listing your car online — you can simply hand over the keys and walk away with cash in hand. Whether you need some extra money to cover an unexpected expense or you’re simply looking to declutter your life, selling your old car can be a great solution.

Donate To Thrift Stores

While you won’t get paid for your donations, thrift stores are always in need of gently used items like clothes, furniture, books, etc. So if you have any items that you don’t want or need anymore, consider donating them instead of throwing them away. You’ll be helping out a good cause and decluttering your home at the same time! Similarly, some bespoke thrift stores and charity shops may offer to pay a sum of money per bag of clothes you have, so it’s always worth asking.

Sell Online

There are a number of websites and online marketplaces where you can sell items, such as clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. Just take some pictures of what you want to sell, create a listing, and wait for buyers to come to you. Once someone buys something from you, simply ship it out and collect your payment. Similarly, if you’ve previously bought an expensive product such as a face oil you’ve opened and used once but don’t wish to use again, you can easily make use of these reselling websites to bid your item to other buyers. Obviously, it won’t go for its original price, but it’s worth noting this as most people think that once their product has been opened once it’s money wasted.

Sell To Consignment Shops

If you have any high-quality clothes, furniture, or other items, you could sell them to consignment shops. These businesses will typically take a commission from whatever you sell, but it’s a great way to get rid of unwanted items and make some money in the process.

Have A Garage Sale

This is similar to having a yard sale, but you’ll likely get more people coming since garage sales are more well-known. Just advertise your sale in advance and then set everything up in your garage or on your driveway on the day of. Again, you’d be surprised how many people will show up and how much stuff you can get rid of  all while making some extra cash. You can sell anything from old furniture to pets at garage sales  as unethical as this may seem. 

Sell Your Things For Cash

So, there you have it! These are just a few ideas for making money with some of the old things you have around your house. Just choose the option that makes the most sense for you and start decluttering your home, and earning some extra cash today.

Power Banks

Power banks let users charge their mobile devices while they’re traveling or spending time outdoors. These are highly popular items with a monthly global Google search volume of 639,000. You can sell basic power banks or those with extra features, such as LED flashlights and jump-starting capabilities. When you store a power bank, be sure to seal the on/off switches and electrical terminals. Then, place it in a cool and dry area with at least a 50% charge to prolong its battery life.

Hair Oil

People who want soft, shiny, hydrated hair may use hair oil. With a monthly global Google search volume of 119,000, hair oil proves to be a hot-selling item online. It’s particularly popular among hair care enthusiasts and anyone who frequently uses curling irons, hair straighteners or hair dryers. If you do jump on the hair oil bandwagon, clearly convey its benefits in your listing and store it in a cool, dark place so that you don’t risk running it through oxidation.

Mushroom Coffee

While you can sell ordinary coffee, mushroom coffee is ideal if you’d like to stand out. With 50,000 global Google searches per month, these products are sure to boost your profits. Put simply, mushroom coffee combines coffee beans with ground medicinal mushrooms. It can improve brain function and immunity, making it a healthier alternative to traditional coffee products. Keep mushroom coffee on a pantry shelf in an airtight container, away from heat, moisture and light.

Wedge Pillows

A wedge pillow is designed to elevate the upper or lower body during sleep. It’s usually made of poly-foam or memory foam and can be a real lifesaver for anyone who snores or has acid reflux or sinus problems. The term “wedge pillow” gets 65,000 global searches in Google per month so you’ll be able to help people with sleep or health issues sleep soundly while you earn some cash. To store wedge pillows, use trash bags that protect them from odors, moisture and pets.


To succeed in online sales, you must sell the right products to the right people at the right times. We hope this list of things to sell online in 2024 will get your creative juices flowing and steer you toward a profitable venture this year and beyond. Best of luck with your online business. 

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