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Why is there no longer pacifism in the West? Because it's the others who die


Why is there no longer pacifism in the West? Because it's the others who die

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The Western masses are no longer against war. They are no longer against the war because it is no longer their children who die.

The human cost of war has been made invisible.

It is others who pay and it is we who benefit by maintaining our standard of living which depends on the sustainability of the so-called liberal system and/or its global extension.

The imperialism that underlies this war – and the next one against China – is not stated, it is unsaid; However, it manifests itself in the argument for maintaining the hegemon of the dollar, the maintenance of the Western-centric unipolar system which everyone clearly feels is the key to our high standard of living, higher than that of other populations. of the planet.

Our populations are for war – just as they are for maintaining the system of debt and credit – because implicitly they have been made to understand that this war aims to maintain our privileged position in the world and our power to levy on its riches...

Our values ​​are a veil. Defending our social, societal, wokes, and even LGBTQ moral values ​​is a parallel construct. What we are defending is our standard of living, our art of living, our enjoyment and our license to transgress, et the possibility of exploiting the raw materials, labor and savings of the BRICS. We defend a world order that allows us to enjoy beyond what we produce.

What makes war acceptable is the relocation of the victims.

As in terms of the exploitation of employees or we relocate manufacturing: here we relocate the fights. The exploitation of their life is not obvious because it is done elsewhere. Out of our sight.

The masses of the West profit from the labor and exploitation of wage earners in low-wage producing countries. Here we profit from the sacrifice of the lives of Ukrainians and Russians… It is a system of cynical division of the “job“: we enjoy and they produce. Some produce goods and services at low costs and others produce/reproduce our domination; in dying they reproduce our system. Their lives are an investment in the reproduction of our system, an investment in maintaining our dominant central position. Ukrainians are fighting to maintain unipolarity which... benefits us! More precisely, which benefits the USA and the privileged social strata of its vassal countries.

It's a third-party payment system, we have dissociated the benefit for us from the costs… which are for them.

The analogy drawn between the exploitation of labor in low-wage countries and the exploitation of the lives of combatants with the ongoing war is obvious but it is not brought to the knowledge and consciousness of the masses. Propaganda ensures that this does not happen.

You will notice that human losses are the best kept official secret and for good reason! If they were revealed and above all shown then pacifism could well develop again.
Read this text from WSWS.org

Amid the debacle of the summer offensive in Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Ukraine on Monday. He reaffirmed the involvement of the United States in the war in Ukraine "as long as it takesand whatever the number of deaths necessary. Perfectly timed for Blinken's arrival, a missile strike in the town of Kostyantynivka, which killed 17 people, was declared by the Zelensky regime as a Russian attack.

Blinken's visit was meant to send the message that regardless of the death toll, the US-NATO war against Russia in Ukraine - funded by the lives of Ukrainians and Russians - will continue.

The Ukrainian offensive was hailed by the American media as the equivalent of the Normandy landings during the Second World War. But amid a staggering loss of life, Ukraine's progress, to the extent that it exists, is measured in a few yards.

No official figures on the death toll from the war – now in its 19th month – have been released by either kyiv or Washington.

But according to the The Washington Post, at least 50 Ukrainians became amputees. Reliable reports put the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in combat at between 000 and 350. Further deaths are expected by the Ukrainian regime which, in exchange for endless loot, has put the country's youth into the service of American imperialism. A military cemetery that can accommodate up to 000 soldiers is currently under construction.

In the face of this disaster, the United States has made clear its commitment to continue funding and fueling the war.

Blinken's trip was accompanied by the United States announcing an additional billion dollars in weapons and well-placed bribes. The Biden administration is currently working to pass a bill in Congress authorizing an additional $20 billion in funding for the war.

Publicly, neither Blinken nor Biden has admitted the scale of the disaster. However, last month the The Washington Post reported that U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that the offensive would fail to achieve its main objective, which was to move towards the Sea of ​​Azov in order to cut off the "land bridgeto the Crimean peninsula.

Over the past month, U.S. military and Biden administration officials have made press statements attributing military failures to Ukrainian leaders being too economical with the lives of Ukrainian troops.

Commentary in the US media, based on statements by US officials and generals, now asserts that the war will continue for many years to come.

In an article that appeared last week in the The Washington Post, columnist Max Boot wrote:Ukraine may have better chances to win in 2024". Boot quoted U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mark Arnold, who said he was "very skeptical that a decisive battle would take place this year and have a material impact on the Ukrainian victory." Arnold added that he was "more optimistic about prospects for breakthrough operations next year».

Former British Army General Richard Barrons wrote in the Financial Times : "Ukraine cannot win against Russia now, but victory by 2025 is possible". He continued: “Ukraine's current counter-offensive will not bring Russia down – even though no one expected it. Nor is it likely that occupancy will be cut in half before winter, which might have been one of the more optimistic goals. She did, however, show how the Russian army can be beaten. Not in 2023, but in 2024 or 2025».

The Economist , for his part, cited a “senior US intelligence official"saying:"If you look at the battlefield in five years, it could be broadly similar».

If the war drags on that long, the death toll will run into the millions. But for the American ruling class, which is directing the war, it is a matter of complete indifference.

In a speech calling on the Senate to approve Biden's $20 billion military spending bill, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urged his colleagues not to show off "terraces» with regard to Ukraine. McConnell said funding Ukraine means “weaken one of America's greatest strategic adversaries without firing a shot" and "deter another [i.e. China] in the process».

He continued: “That means invest directly in American strength, both military and economic».

McConnell's statements clearly reveal the true aims of the war and its relentless escalation. It has nothing to do with the "democracyin Ukraine, plagued by corruption and ruled by a criminal oligarchy.

Washington deliberately provoked the war in order to advance its strategic interests by undermining and ultimately dismantling Russia, not only because it holds rich deposits of critical minerals and energy resources, but also because it is considered as an obstacle to a military attack on China.

The war aims to increase the influence "military and economicof American capitalism, at the cost of the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, Ukrainians and Russians.

The war is being fought in alliance with the right-wing regime in kyiv and far-right governments across Eastern Europe.

In an article titled "Fears of peace talks with Putin rise amid US wranglings », The Hill notes that the governments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are among those most aggressively demanding an escalation of the war. During World War II, these countries were aligned with Nazi Germany, with much of their military and intelligence apparatus complicit in the Holocaust. Today, they are ruled by fiercely anti-Russian regimes which, in particular in the case of Lithuania, openly glorify their Nazi-collaborating ancestors.

While much of US imperialism's global credibility depends on the outcome of the conflict, there is a significant risk that the US, faced with the collapse of its proxy forces in Ukraine, will massively escalate its involvement in conflict, potentially including the direct involvement of NATO troops or the deployment of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

American imperialism, driven by a deep domestic crisis and desperate to compensate for the long-term decline of its global position, has unleashed a military conflict whose death toll will be incalculable. Opposition to war in the United States is growing, and the Biden administration is increasingly desperate for a military victory.

source: Bruno Bertez

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