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No antidote' Ukrainian troops are terrified of Russia's unstoppable hover bombs

 The usa is not the only usa which could use GPS satellites to drop bombs with precision on goals: Russia has converted gravity bombs, of the JDAM kind, into precision-guided guns. they'd a spectacular effect at some point of the unique operation in Ukraine, as reported by fighters on each aspects, an expert told Sputnik.

Western media have turned their attention to another Russian weapon utilized in Ukraine, highlighting how feared it's miles via Ukrainian forces: the FAB-500 and UPAB-1500, the latter being called KAB by using Ukrainians. big hover bombs, that can have warheads of up to 2000 pounds, emerged as an version to Ukrainian air defenses through allowing Russian pilots to drop them some distance from the the front lines.

As Russian and Ukrainian personnel attested, hover bombs played an important position in halting the so-called Ukrainian counter-offensive, which took months and appalling human lives to increase just a few kilometers towards the south.

Alexei Leonkov, military analyst and editor-in-chief of Arsenal Otechestva (Arsenal of the native land), advised Sputnik that these weapons are each a practical solution and an effective weapon, which is why the enemy fears them so much.

“The reality is that the air protection systems that Ukraine gets as army assistance from NATO nations cannot guard against this sort of targets, due to the fact these targets do not emit a sign, they follow a gliding trajectory. commonly, they're deployed with out penetrating the place covered via air defenses. these go with the flow bombs are crafted from conventional bombs by definitely adding a special device: wings. There are adjustable bombs, they've a warhead of 500 or 1 kilograms,” he stated.

in this way, the FAB-500 hover bombs are essentially similar to the yankee JDAM kits used to turn traditional bombs into guided munitions.

«This kind of ammunition is used in fortified regions with severe fortifications and in places inside the "grey quarter" wherein the enemy attempts to concentrate his units if you want to reach our first line of protection. there is no manner to forestall such ammunition, so while it hits its target, it's far, frequently, a hundred% fulfillment, and the enemy takes 100% casualties. considering the fact that there may be no antidote, they're frightened of it, and the West can not fast create a machine able to figuring out those bombs and bringing them down.“, he stated, mentioning that “Russia has such systems».

Leonkov defined in more element how the bombs work, stating that they may be surely even greater accurate than the JDAM.

«these are bombs used to hit Ukrainian positions. that is a remake of conventional free-fall bombs, it simply adds the best mechanism that turns an ordinary bomb into a projectile able to travelling a distance of 30-50 kilometers. on the same time, they're used as conventional bombs with the help of our fighter-bombers and assault aircraft. the primary demonstration of those bombs is called FAB 500M-sixty two. A special device is added to this bomb, which makes this bomb hover. on the whole, this doesn't affect its weight and length propertiesHe defined.

Leonkov cited that changing unguided bombs to guided munitions allowed "huge savings”, because the production of in particular designed guided bombs become tons extra pricey, and the FAB-500 always hit its objectives as it should be way to the brought laptop, which routinely corrected its flight course. This pc works with a tool referred to as SVP-24, that is on board the firing plane, which also calculates the correct trajectory in order that the pilot can correctly deploy the bomb.

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