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Why did the West agree to turn to fascism…again?


During the Cold War and especially after 1991, too few people asked themselves the question: From what blood did this abundance and this "freedom" come?

We have often heard the Second World War described as "the war that was to end all wars".

Many Westerners were even led to believe that the ideology of Nazi fascism was simply so evil that nothing like this could ever happen again.

The novel not possible here (It Can't Happen Here) by Sinclair Lewis, published in 1935, attempted to warn Americans that the greatest danger that had made fascism successful was not its caricatural portrayal in the media, but rather the collective psychological delusion that such a system could never see the light of day in the freedom-loving country that is America.

Sadly, as we have seen in the nearly eight decades since the Allied victory in 1945, fascism has indeed re-emerged in a more virulent expression than anyone had imagined.

As the current financial system heads toward an inevitable collapse not entirely different from the controlled bubble-busting of the casino economy of 1929, geopolitical forces are once again at play and are once again evoking the very real possibility of a new world war.

Instead of striving to avoid a disastrous nuclear confrontation by honestly attempting to accept diplomatic avenues offered by Russian and Chinese statesmen, all that is heard is the clanking of antagonistic sabers in saloons full of complacency. of Davos and NATO.

Instead of seeing efforts to remedy the annihilation of viable forms of energy, food production and industrial capacity necessary for life in Western nations, the opposite trend is manifesting at a rapid pace. In almost every nation caught in the NATO cage, we find only puppet leaders devoid of substance and seemingly unwilling to reverse the scarcity crisis they themselves have caused and which threatens to destroy countless lives.

Some even seem to think that this era of scarcity is a good thing.

Unipolars and transhumanists creeping into the halls of power keep proclaiming that the current crisis is actually an “opportunity” in disguise.

Changing definitions: When 'suicide' became 'opportunity'

Whether it's Mark Carney championing this civilizational crisis as a wonderful opportunity to lift humanity out of its addiction to cheap hydrocarbon-based fuels and embrace a new order of green energy, or whether it's whether it's Anthony Blinken's uncomfortable celebration of the Nordstream sabotage as a 'great opportunity' to free Europe from cheap Russian gas, the effect is always the same.

These detached elites all seem to believe that the collective behavior of the transatlantic West can finally be transformed by this unfortunate crisis so that we learn to live with less, to own nothing while being happy, to eat insects rather than meat "dirty" and to reduce our impact on the environment by "going green» . French President Emmanuel Macron expressed this technocratic viewpoint in the coolest way in September when he proclaimed that "the era of abundance is over".

In the midst of this new ethos emerging under the cover of a "Big Reset, the US government found itself allocating millions of dollars of public funds to explore techniques to block sunlight reaching the earth in order to stop global warming. Even the carbon dioxide molecule, once prized as plant food (along with sunlight, also demonized), has become enemy number one, destined to be banished from the human realm in a post-human era. - reset.

It is this same freedom-loving government that poured trillions of dollars into bailing out zombie banks and dumping weapons of mass destruction on once-viable nations like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the United States. Ukraine over the past few years, while spending next to nothing to rebuild vital infrastructure and industries that citizens desperately need for basic survival.

In NATO countries, euthanasia laws are extended far beyond the bounds of reason to include depressives and “mature minors” who want a taxpayer-funded pill in order to kill themselves. Mind-altering drugs are touted by government propagandists as forms of liberation to be decriminalised, while City of London and Wall Street financiers who launder these drugs in offshore accounts go unpunished.

Even science magazines like Live Science publish propaganda articles that substantiate the absurd notion that a "little nuclear warcould actually benefit the environment by reversing the global warming that IPCC computer models tell us has happened, despite all the empirical evidence to the contrary.

While all of the elements described above are symptoms, the particular essence of the modern expression of fascism has been difficult to identify for many reasons.

Perhaps the most important of these reasons is that the mind of anyone too well suited to modern academia is paralyzed by design. It sounds harsh, but it often is.

educated in stupidity

Where education was once based on encouraging students to make discoveries and learn to think for themselves to become both good workers and good citizens, today's educational standards have sunk. into depths of mediocrity that our grandparents' generation would not have thought possible.

Instead of replicating the discoveries of true ideas, students who go through modern higher education institutions instead learn to memorize the formulas needed to pass exams without understanding how or why those formulas are true. In all STEM programs, science-oriented students learn to repeat commonly held beliefs promoted by consensus experts who control peer-reviewed journals, rather than using their own sovereign powers of reasoning.

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