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Washington's vain attempts to break the balance sheet of the Africa-Russia Summit

The representatives of the US regime do not let go of their efforts to harm Russian-African relations by all means. Especially after the success of the very recent Russia-Africa Summit in Saint Petersburg. The new tour of Victoria Nuland in three African countries confirms this reality.

US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, the same one who once distributed cookies in kyiv's Maidan Square, is gone Saturday on tour in three African countries, i.e. immediately after the second edition of the Africa Summit-Russia.   

This visit by the head of the US regime concerns three countries on the African continent, namely South Africa, Côte d'Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Moreover, the US agenda does not hide its objective of wanting to harm the results of the recent Summit between Moscow and the African nations which ended successfully according to most observers. And this despite the enormous pressure that had been exerted on African countries by Western regimes, including of course and in the first place Washington.

It should not be forgotten that as Observatory Continental as recently recalled - the other major event this summer - is precisely the 15th BRICS Summit, in South Africa, whose work agenda will probably be very interesting for the future, not only of the current member countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), but much more globally for the global future, within the framework of the contemporary multipolar order.

Also, the current proliferation of visits by officials of the Washington regime to African soil is linked not only to attempts, so far largely unsuccessful, to try to harm, or at least slow down, the process of alliance and partnership between Russia and many countries on the African continent, but also and quite simply to the fact that Washington is working to take the lead of the Western bloc in Africa.

The earlier failures that don't stop for its hexagonal subcontractor and the inability of other Western regimes, in particular the United Kingdom and Germany, whose colonial and neocolonial history in Africa is also not to be demonstrated, to be able to take over from Paris.  

But the main concern for Washingtonians in this strategy – is that today very few African citizens have any illusions about what the US regime really represents. And if 15-20 years ago it was possible to find people who wrongly thought, especially in French-speaking Africa, that Washington could be a constructive actor in Africa to replace the Françafrique system – today these illusions are clearly a thing of the past. The axis of the small Western world as a whole having de-facto lost all credibility. And this both in terms of discourse related to human development and in the context of security partnerships.

From this perspective, everything leads us to believe once again that Washington will gain nothing either on an individual level, especially since the US regime is always and only looking for its extremely personal interest, including vis-à-vis its pennies. -contractors and vassals, nor more generally speaking on behalf of the Western-Atlanticist axis. Once again, the recent Africa-Russia Summit has amply demonstrated that contemporary Africa is massively getting rid of the complexes imposed over a long period by the West.

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