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Ukraine, Niger and the ongoing multipolar revolution

 Russia's courageous decision to reject NATO's attempt to make Ukraine an Atlantic outpost in order to destabilize it, and thus to accept the level of military confrontation imposed by NATO's refusal to negotiate the conditions of mutual security in Europe, has opened up new scenarios that were hitherto unthinkable in the world. The clash between the unipolar and imperialist pretensions of the Western bloc and the political, economic and military resistance of Russia has reinforced the aspirations of peoples, countries and regions around the world who aspire to their own sovereignty and self-determination and who wish freedom from colonial control and enslavement by the West. The Russian-Chinese axis on the Eurasian continent is strengthening and the area of ​​countries from the three continents that want to join the BRICS is expanding, to date there are about thirty of them.

The conflict between NATO and Russia in Ukraine thus opens the door to a veritable anti-colonial and multipolar world revolution whose epicenter is located in Africa, particularly in the Central African region, which is seeing the French colonial influence disappear one by one.

After the Central African Republic, Mali, Burkina Faso, etc., the supports of French colonial supervision disappeared one after the other. The last bastion of the French presence, Niger, has been blown up these days. Panic reactions from the Western establishment give the measure of climate change in Africa. We no longer fear the punitive economic and military reaction that could come from France or from countries still under the colonial yoke. Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Algeria are ready to defend Niger even with arms against external military intervention. This is how the pride and dignity of a young anti-colonial African ruling class emerged which took up the heritage of Lumumba, Sankara and pan-African socialism and which weaved relations of economic and commercial cooperation with Russia and China, without the draconian conditions – the halter – imposed by the IMF and the World Bank with the practice of usurious loans which create debt and additional dependence. Putin's move to write off a $20 billion debt from African countries and give grain to those who need it most has sparked hysterical reactions in Western governments, where Italian Foreign Minister Tajani is stumbling. is distinguished by his awkwardness, but above all he has aroused enthusiasm and a spirit of anti-colonial revolt in the African populations who fill the squares boasting of Russia and Putin.

All African governments, except three, were present at the Russian-African summit in St. Petersburg, thus proving that Africa no longer fears the punishments and reactions of the white master. The ideological area that has remained disconcerted and silent in the face of this wave of anti-colonial uprising in Africa is undoubtedly that of the European left in its different variants: not only the Russophobic and pro-Atlantic left, but also the so-called pacifist but anti-Putin, the one who has never renounced the aggressor-aggressor mantra, who had understood nothing about the nature of the open confrontation in Ukraine, and who today finds it difficult to accept the enthusiasm and African solidarity with Russia. But this is an old defect and also an original blemish of Western Marxism, which has never linked the anti-capitalist struggle to the anti-colonial struggle, which did not understand Lenin's lesson yesterday, which did not understood the nature of the Chinese revolution as an anti-colonial revolution, and who does not today understand the value of the current world revolution as a multipolar revolution which has its engine in Russia and China and its center in Africa, but which has already shifted the geopolitical balance in the Middle East. Already, the West is no longer the cradle of socialist revolution. Maybe he never was. As Domenico Losurdo said, perhaps he never was because he refused the encounter with the anti-colonial revolution, considered distinct from the socialist perspective. A strategic and theoretical error that the European working classes are still paying for today.

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