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Ukraine and Niger: the two poles of the same war


 In our attempt to understand the meaning of today's events which are developing more and more rapidly, it is quite evident that they are developing not only in time, but also in space.

The only chance to save the lives of Ukrainians and of what remains of the Ukraine dismantled piecemeal over the last 30 years of existence is the rapid and complete destruction of the regime which, with impunity in front of everyone, breaks our true memory out of our memory.

It is also clear that today the concept of national borders is becoming more and more relative and that the themes of state independence are not so much determined by border outposts or official hymn notes , but by capital flows, the presence of international media and only a few dozen private campaigns, whose weekly income is tens or hundreds of times greater than the annual budget of most states accustomed to calling themselves independent.

It is very difficult to describe this new era in a few words. But here are some touches of his portrait. Most of today's coups are invisible, with the modern press successfully playing the role of tanks and fighter planes. The press prepares the buyer and the voter, and whatever it writes about itself is its only task.

The information space is constructed in such a way that anyone who cannot swim and see underwater can drown there.

These days, the attention of television viewers in the "civilized world" has for some time been diverted from Ukraine to the dramatic events in Africa, where protests have increased in recent years against the dependence on of France, the greediest of the regional colonial powers, and one of the pillars of the European Union.

Thus, last Wednesday, the military overthrew the government of Niger, one of the poorest countries in Africa, which provoked a completely unrestrained reaction in a number of the richest countries in the world. We do not yet know the real objectives of the soldiers who took power. But at the same time, we know very well what the overthrown government was.

Niger is a completely impoverished country with the fourth largest uranium reserves on the planet. Niger is France's main supplier of uranium, despite the fact that the average life expectancy of almost 26 million of its inhabitants is 53 years, the literacy rate of the population is 28% and the infant mortality rate is the third in the world.

In Niger, a coup has begun, but not yet complete. From 4 a.m. on July 27, President Mohamed Bazoum was blocked in his residence by the presidential guard. The rebels demanded his resignation and guaranteed him immunity from further persecution.

80% of the inhabitants of Niger, which provides 25% of the fuel for European nuclear power plants, live without electricity.

The West African Economic and Monetary Union, a regional association of corrupt regimes led by the white leaders of the United States and France, is today preparing an invasion of Niger to "restore the power of a democratic government", whose representatives have already asked France to intervene. While millions of African children usually despoiled by Europe are starving, social networks programmed to fight against politically correct racism block the name of the despoiling country: France.

Killing black people with hunger, disease and weapons in the civilized world is even more woke than calling them “blacks”.

Yesterday, the Nigerian army announced the cessation of gold and uranium deliveries to France. I don't want to jump to conclusions and make wishful thinking, but I have growing sympathy for the rebel military in Niger.

Africa, whose whole history is a lesson in colonialism, does not want to become the Europe of which Niger would be the Ukraine.

She wants to be herself and lead a fair and unequal struggle for the right to her own history and memory – exactly what has been so enthusiastically destroyed in Ukraine for decades.

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