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This carbon pass that never stops arriving slowly but surely


In the same way that a good deed can never go unpunished, a dismaying idea can never remain a dead letter, especially in France and especially currently when the country is in the hands of criminal sociopaths with increasingly delusional objectives. And when it comes to appalling ideas, the one of limiting the total amount of air travel allowed easily holds the upper hand.

The idea had been recently launched by the climatofascist Jancovici who skillfully mixes in a syrupy speech some well-felt truths on the obvious necessity of the use of nuclear power for our energy needs, with a solid dose of climatic nonsense without which his speech would have remained inaudible.

For this supporter of the most invasive coercion, one of the concrete means of fighting against the normal upheavals of the climate would consist in preventing people from coming and going as they see fit, starting with the plane, by limiting the number to 4 flights allowed over a lifetime.

Obviously and unsurprisingly, this idea that no one in the world was seriously considering is already beginning to gain ground in France: apparently, some have found it sufficiently interesting, counter-productive and self-flagellating for public opinion to be copiously triturated in order to adhere to it. For this, a survey, as imaginative as it is bogus, is quickly exhibited in a press as weak as it is subsidized: TV, journaux, it's said, it's recorded, almost one in two French people (41%) say they are ready to fly only 4 times in their entire life.

Moreover, with a population that is getting poorer day by day, coercion may not even be useful, but at this rate, the little French people will be the first (and quite probably the only ones) to hit such a ball on themselves. the paw. Well done Janco, at least they will avoid looking like rich Westerners capable of traveling, doing tourism and doing business all over the world!

And then, rest assured: there will be no shortage of alternatives to the plane, since the French rail, above any suspicion of wealth, is already there. As long as it doesn't rain too hard, that there is not too many surprises with infrastructure, the trains will happily ensure the movement of the popular masses.

Popular masses who will be able with this train to benefit from another appalling idea, namely that of a "climate ticketconsisting of offering these trips for a price as tiny as it is economically and ecologically suicidal.

It must be said that, in a country where the principles of the economy are copiously ignored or even derided, no one seems to want to understand that the train is, by nature, always more expensive than the plane for the rapid transport of people. Yes: running rails over thousands of kilometres, maintaining them and maintaining cars, signals and stations is indeed more complicated and more expensive than establishing a corridor and an air route. The only time the train is competitive (economically and ecologically) is when it is moving huge numbers of wagons of minerals or goods, certainly not people…

In this context, persisting in pushing individuals towards the train and against the plane is therefore perfectly aligned with the systematic nonsense that ecologists usually offer in order to reduce their eco-anxiety, from wind turbines to electric cars and more. by the fight against carbon dioxide without which, however, we could not live for lack of plants.

And just as we had to stuff ourselves with the silly and false discourse on electric vehicles supposed to save us from the pangs of an ill-regulated climate, we must now read the cutesy and equally false innuendos of the media who hear well create an artificial consensus on the absolute necessity of authoritatively limiting the movements of all.

It is not a coincidence: each of these speeches, each of these artificially fabricated consensus actually responds to precise specifications and is part of a general trend which aims to restrict our fields of possibilities each time. Step by step, from the number of journeys permitted to the distance permitted, from the low-range electric car to the 15 minute city, everything is done to restrict, prohibit, limit and constrain the individual who is systematically presented as a threat to his environment.

The whole trick of the leaders is to place themselves in the environment in question: the cumbersome citizen, the populous mass is then carefully kept away from it, and the environment (ie the leaders, the self-proclaimed elites) can thus be properly protected.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the leaders continue to bitterly phosphorize on the carbon pass, this appetizing sesame of their freedom and the enslavement of the people: even if it means renaming it "carbon card", the project is still seriously in the making. We present its (necessarily very many) positive points, we emphasize that there can be abuses and that the establishment of a market system for the exchange of these carbon cards could have many problems. In short, we are tempering for the moment. But we continue to think about it and everything indicates that we will come back to it, again and again, until the moment when, as for the limitation of air flights, it will pass by itself.

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