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The Sino-Russian patrol provokes a nervous breakdown of the United States

 The US hype about the Sino-Russian joint naval patrol near Alaska is an overreaction, which reveals the double standard that the United States applies to international actions depending on whether it is about them or the others. As we are trying to demonstrate today, the Chinese are analyzing the situation and basically explaining to the United States that they are going to have to get used to being treated the way they treat others.

The lesson is even more valid for France and the arrogant Macron who cannot find a foothold in this world, neither internationally nor at home... The fact is that if the USA and NATO are working everywhere to ignite fires, there is a world in the making which tries by a mixture of firmness in the refusal to yield and diplomatic negotiations to defuse the rage of the hegemony in decline, the west tries to apply what he played during the cold war, then during "the fight against terrorismbut the situation has changed, it is perilous but full of hope.


by Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan

The third joint Chinese-Russian naval patrol that reportedly reached international waters near Alaska last week has touched the nerves of US media, who called the trip "highly provocativeignoring the fact that the United States constantly sends warships and warplanes to China's doorstep for close reconnaissance and military exercises under the so-called freedom of navigation.

11 Chinese and Russian ships approached the Aleutian Islands and have since left without entering US territorial waters, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing US officials.

Four US destroyers and a P-8 maritime patrol aircraft followed the combined Chinese and Russian naval forces, the report said.

While the report of WSJ quoted a U.S. Northern Command spokesperson who said the patrol remained in international waters and was not considered a threat, he also quoted U.S. experts saying the trip "is a historic first” and “highly provocative».

US media reported that the chinese ministry of national defense announced on July 26 that China and Russia would soon launch their third joint naval patrol, which would see warships from both sides sailing in western and northern Pacific waters after the joint Northern/Interaction-2023 exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan .

The operation is not targeted against any third party and is not related to any international or regional situation, China's Defense Ministry said in a press release at the time. Two Type 052D guided missile destroyers, two Type 054A guided missile frigates and a Type 903 comprehensive supply ship of the Chinese Navy are included in the flotilla, while the Russian Navy is represented by ships, including large ships anti-submarines and corvettes, according to the media.

The joint Northern/Interaction-2023 exercises and the subsequent joint naval patrol fully reflect the level of strategic mutual trust between the two countries and have strengthened the traditional friendship between the Chinese and Russian armies, said Colonel Tan Kefei, door -spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Defense, during a regular press conference on July 27.

China stands ready to continue to strengthen pragmatic communication and cooperation with all parties and contribute positive forces in safeguarding regional peace and stability, as well as confronting all kinds of security threats. , Mr. Tan said.

Despite the announcement by China and Russia of the joint patrol, the American media is trying to hype the theory of "Chinese and Russian threat“, declared Monday to the Global Times Zhuo Hua, an expert in international affairs at the School of International Relations and Diplomacy of Beijing Foreign Studies University.

The Sino-Russian joint patrol in international waters of the North and West Pacific is a positive force that helps preserve regional stability and the security of strategic routes in the Asia-Pacific region at a time when the United States is improving its preparedness for the combat, rallying allies and partners in the region to change defense policies and expand armies, which has escalated regional tensions, Zhuo says.

“Not the first, not the last”

That is not here "historic premierethat a China-Russia joint naval patrol flotilla will reach the waters off Alaska as claimed by US media, as a similar case occurred during the second joint naval patrol between the two countries in September 2022.

At that time, only a US Coast Guard was on the scene, compared to the USS John S. McCain, USS Benfold, USS John Finn and USS Chung-Hoon destroyers and a P-8 maritime patrol aircraft deployed this time, the WSJ said.

The US media has linked such an escalation of the US reaction to the Ukraine crisis and the Taiwan issue, but such speculation is purely baseless and aimed at throwing mud on normal military cooperation between China and Russia, analysts said, noting that the hegemonic mentality of the United States and its double standard are the real reasons for their anxiety.

The international waters of the North Pacific, including the Bering Sea, are important because from here ships can access the Arctic, Fu Qianshao, a Chinese military expert, told Reuters on Monday. Global Times.

With global warming, Arctic shipping lanes could become key passages for civilian ships to conduct commercial activities, Fu said.

While joint patrols by China and Russia aim to safeguard the security of key strategic routes, the United States wants to control crossings out of its hegemonic mindset, experts have said.

The United States is nervous because the Bering Sea is close to Alaska, but the United States must not forget that it frequently sends warships and warplanes to the doorsteps of other countries for so-called freedom of navigation operations, including in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, sometimes alone and sometimes with the forces of other countries, Fu said.

While the Sino-Russian joint flotilla did not enter US territorial waters, US warships have repeatedly entered Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea.

It is ironic that all of the US forces involved in the sighting of the joint Sino-Russian flotilla provoked China to China's doorstep, observers said. The USS John S. McCain, USS Benfold, USS John Finn and USS Chung-Hoon and a P-8 maritime patrol aircraft have all flown transits through the Taiwan Strait in the past, while USS John S. McCain, USS Benfold and USSChung-Hoon have a history of deportation after entering Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea.

This exposes the United States' double standard of only allowing its military presence near other countries and not accepting the military presence of other countries near them, observers said, urging the United States to reflect on themselves.

From a military perspective, the four US destroyers and one US patrol plane could only monitor the joint Sino-Russian flotilla of 11 warships and were not capable of more than that, analysts said.

«In the future, the Chinese navy may conduct more distant sea patrols like this, alone or with other countries. Americans should get used to itFu said.

Prior to the Sino-Russian joint naval patrols, Chinese warships had already reached international waters near Alaska.

One such case occurred in August 2021, in which a four-ship Chinese naval flotilla led by a large 055-ton Type 10-class destroyer was reportedly spotted by the US Coast Guard in the United States Exclusive Economic Zone. United, off the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

In 2015, five PLA Navy vessels transited rapidly and continuously through the Aleutian Islands chain in a manner consistent with international law, the report reported. US Naval Institute News at the time. It was a "innocent passagewithin 12 nautical miles of the Aleutian Islands, according to the report.

Chinese experts said this type of exercise on the high seas serves as a countermeasure and a signal against US hegemonic actions of frequent provocations near China in the name of freedom of navigation.

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