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The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics banned from conferences: he denounces the imposture of global warming

 A Nobel Prize in physics ostracized for having denounced the “corruption” of climatology

John Clauser, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022, denounces the “corruption” of climatology. A conference he was to deliver to the IMF was immediately cancelled.

At the beginning of the month, John Clauser, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022, sharply criticized the doxa of the "climate emergency". In his eyes, thisdangerous corruption of science threatens the global economy and the well-being of billions of human beings". The penalty was not long in coming. He was to give a lecture on climate models to the IMF – it was immediately canceled and the page announcing the event disappeared from the IMF website.

This conference, scheduled for next Thursday, was entitled "How confident can we be in the climate predictions of the IPCC? let's talk about it». A dubious answer was, apparently, not politically correct. John Clauser has long been critical of climate models; he notably regretted that the 2021 Nobel Prize had rewarded work on this subject. He is not alone – many scientists believe that climate models are essentially based on mathematics and the number of their incorrect predictions suggests that they do not deserve the recognition of pure science at the highest level. Opinion not shared by the magazine National Geographic, as evidenced by an article titled “How climate models got so accurate they won the Nobel Prize».

Last week, ohn Clauser remarked that a misguided climatology "had metastasized into a juggernaut of pseudo-science - tabloid journalism». This pseudo-science, he continued, is now emblematic of a host of various related evils. It has been promoted and developed by marketers, politicians, journalists, government agencies and environmental scientists who are also misguided. "In my opinion, he added, there is not really a climate crisis».

John Clauser is the latest Nobel laureate in physics to challenge the notion of a climate crisis. Professor Ivar Glaever, also Nobel laureate, and main signatory of the Declaration on the global climate affirmed there that there is no climatic emergency, specifying that the climatic models “do not have the slightest credibility as tools of global politics". As for Professor Robert Laughlin, Nobel Prize winner in 1998, he declared that "We do not have the power to control the climate; there is nothing humanity can and should do to respond to climate change».

Jo Nova, an Australian journalist specializing in climate issues, was in great shape when she spoke about recent statements by John Clauser. "The thing about climate-skeptical Nobel laureates is that they make their agenda look as stupid as possible.“, she remarked. And to note the complete lack of interest shown by the mainstream media for John Clauser's recent remarks, which led him to ask the following question: "What harm would it do to the cause if the public found out that one of the world's greatest scientists disagrees with the doxa ?" The answer is obvious: a big mistake.

The same team that urges us to “listen to the experts” refuses to listen to those who do not have the good fortune to please them

They love “UN experts” who gloss over the decline, but would do anything to avoid the giants of science. They would rather interview the dullest high school students on climate change on prime time television than Nobel laureates. It is a lie of omission, a deliberate deception. And the whole movement against climate change is based on it.

The IMF is very involved in international monetary flows and one can hope that it is more willing to "assessthis subject than that of forecasts from climate models. John Clauser's Nobel Prize rewards his groundbreaking research in the field of quantum physics – the study of matter and light at the atomic and subatomic scale. In 2010, he received the Wolf Prize in Physics, considered the most prestigious award in this field after the Nobel Prize. In addition to this work, he also suggested improvements to climate models.

Attempts to model a chaotic and nonlinear atmosphere come up against many obstacles. Unable to predict future temperatures, their predictions are laughably inaccurate, doing little more than guessing the effects of natural forces like volcanoes and clouds. John Clauser believes that climate models grossly underestimate the effect of clouds that cover half the planet and provide a powerful – and dominating – thermostatic control of its temperatures. More recently, John Clauser also told the Korea Quantum Conference that he does not believe in the climate crisis, stating that "of key processes are misunderstood and exaggerated, by a factor of around 200».

One could cynically add that such a degree of inaccuracy and exaggeration might not be inconvenient in the world of economics, but more stringent requirements are needed in the world of science.

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