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France: Towards a ban on alternative medicine?


Dr Ménat denounces the “totalitarian” hegemony of chemical medicine. Petition launched.

L'Order of Physicians declares war onunconventional practices and their excesses” failing to declare war on child criminal doctors and sexual aggressors for decades! This is nothing but a strategy of Big Pharma which wants to use the health authorities to promote its business, nothing like it to explode profits and dividends. However, there are many other battles to wage, in particular the excesses of allopathic medicine, the monstrous excesses of cosmetic surgery, the mad excesses of Big Pharma and its drugs as ineffective as they are deadly...

We would like to know the opinion of the Order of Physicians concerning acupuncture, this Chinese alternative medicine based on energy meridians of the body and used for millennia! Will they ban it? Are they going to systematically attack the techniques which bring nothing to Big Pharma and which are systematically without any undesirable effects and let the other therapeutics, causing thousands of deaths each year, persist again and again? Will they also tackle the placebo effect which effectively cures a good percentage of patients without any medication?!

We are clearly experiencing a tyrannical drift of certain puppets who take themselves for deities holding the universal Truth that they must impose on the multitude. Letting them do this is extremely dangerous because it will further degrade people's health, as everyone can see. Once again, we can only note the deafening silence of this Order with numerous excesses, condemned by the Court of Auditors, concerning major murderous scandals which have lasted for decades. This order was conspicuous by its incompetence and its inability to defend the interests of both doctors and patients. The time has come to ask for its dissolution, a real saving public health measure.

The salvoes of dominant allopathic medicine against "natural" medicines have redoubled in intensity in France with the publication of a report by the National Council of the Order of Physicians (CNOM) entitled "Unconventional Care Practices (NCCP) and their derivatives».

PSNC refer to therapies such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, and many others. 85% of French people vote for them, according to polls.

The International Association for Independent and Compassionate Scientific Medicine (AIMSIB) calls this report "systematic destruction of all medicine that does not impose industrial drugs on you". Dr. Eric Ménat, who knows allopathic medicine as well as many natural therapies, takes a position below.

First victim on June 30

«The witch hunt has made a first victim, indicates the magazine Révolution Santé. On June 30, 2023, the Council of the Order of Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur abolished, overnight, a natural therapy used for decades - percutaneous hydrotomy - which represented no risk and which, on the contrary, relieved thousands of patients suffering from the back in particular».

The magazine asks:Who will be next on the blacklist ? Homeopathy? aromatherapy? Ayurveda? Chinese medicine?»

Regular attacks

The report of the National Council of the Order of Physicians (CNOM) published at the end of June 2023 hit hard. This document is part of a series of regular attacks against unconventional medicines – which are, however, according to their practitioners, minimally invasive and inexpensive, generating few adverse effects, compared to drug treatments.

The CNOM wishes to include standards in a national law in order to be able to better prosecute and prohibit from practicing any person who does not respect them.

How justified are these attacks? Or are they simply the result of economic competition between two health models?

Here is a summary of the issues given by Dr Éric Ménat in a tribune published on the AIMSIB website. An Orwellian approach?

Drawing several parallels with the situation described in George Orwell's 1984 novel, Dr Ménat deciphers in his ticket the language elements of the report which lead to a seductive but essentially totalitarian discourse.

The first of these elements is the desire shown by the authors of the report to fight against sectarian aberrations, a cause to which everyone can only adhere.

It is therefore in the legislative solutions proposed by the CNOM that Dr. Ménat sees a strong danger.

The CNOM, a body with sulphurous origins

As Dr. Ménat points out, the CNOM is a body made up of doctors who voluntarily stood for election. Nothing is done to guarantee a diversity of opinions within this committee, any more than a serious control of the conflicts of interest and the personal, ideological or even financial links of these people with the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Ménat also recalls the origins of the CNOM, created under the Vichy regime and whose main objective was to "regulate" the profession. At the time, this notably resulted in the exclusion of Jewish doctors. For the naturopathic doctor, it is "of a birth under very bad auspices».

Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine will no longer be "medicine"

«The CNOM reiterated its request to the legislator to make a provision in the public health code reserving the professional use for the medical professions of the term "medicine" only, with the public.". CNOM report, page 41

With this proposal, the CNOM wants therapies used by more than two billion humans, such as Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, to no longer be able to use the term “medicine” in France.

Western chemical medicine, a “one party”?

For Dr Ménat, medicine is defined by an approachwhich treats, which relieves and sometimes manages to cure and above all which helps the patient to put in place a prevention of serious illnesses, while allowing him to become an actor of his own health". Such a restriction in favor of chemical Western medicine alone, "which has only existed for 50 or 60 yearsseems incongruous to him.

«I have been a doctor for over 30 years. And in 30 years, half of the chemical drugs that were the norm at the start of my exercise have disappeared, because they were recognized as ineffective, even dangerous. How many health scandals because of these same chemical drugs which had received the endorsement of these same scientists who violently reject acupuncture or homeopathy which however have never killed the slightest person". (Dr Eric Menat)

Two weights, two measures

Dr. Ménat regrets that this report wants to reject all alternative and natural medicines on the pretext that there are indeed some bad apples among alternative therapists. It would be equally inappropriate for him to reject all "Western" medicine outright because of the many scandals and casualties it has generated.

The doctor recalls that homeopaths and acupuncturists have done the same studies and have the same diploma as all doctors.

He considers that these proposals represent a "dramatic" regression in medical practice and that they bring "great concern about how our children and grandchildren would be cared for". According to him, medicine is an evolving field. He recalls that "every 10 years, the protocols that are standard in allopathic medicine are subject to change. What Was True Not Long Ago Is Considered Scientific Heresy 10 Years Later».

A petition to alert and act

In his playdoyer, Dr. Ménat offers each citizen to alert his deputy and sign a petition, which at the end of July totaled 120 signatures. "It is up to patients, health users, the people to mobilize to decide what future they want for their children.", he says.

Switzerland remains more open

It should be noted that in Switzerland, so-called “alternative” medicines are much more accepted, integrated into allopathic practices and even largely reimbursed by health insurance.

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