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Failure of United States diplomacy in Niger?


The new political power in Niger – the National Council for the Safeguarding of the Homeland (CNSP) – agitates and worries Western diplomats. In particular, the United States sent Victoria Nuland to Niger to save their geopolitical maps there. But the latter could not – a priori – obtain what Washington wanted.

Beyond that, the move of the number two in American diplomacy on an interim basis shows that France is a lamplighter for Washington. France, having been violently targeted by the new authorities of Niger, a US official had to make the trip to try to save the Western bet on this country of the Sahel, where France has lost its influence. What was the US offer about?

Defeat of the United States in Niger?

Victoria Nuland, senior official of diplomacy of the United States “could not see either Abdourahamane Tchiani, the leader of the putschists, nor Mohamed Bazoum, the Nigerien president still sequestered. "This diplomatic visit did not lead to the beginning of a solution» announcement RFI.

«I hope they will keep an open door to diplomacy. We made this proposal to them. We will see“, launched, however, Victoria Nuland who, according to her tweet, “traveled to Niamey to express its deep concern over anti-democratic attempts to seize power and called for a return to constitutional order». 

Le Figaro reports that she has, "only, met Brigadier General Moussa Salaou Barmou, new Chief of Staff of the Armywith other officers. The same French daily completes: “Victoria Nuland said she offered many optionsto put an end to the coup, as well as thegood offices" the United States "whether there was a desire on the part of officials to return to constitutional order».

Victoria Nuland just before surrender in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)to promote the advancement of peace in eastern DRC and U.S. support for free and fair elections in December". Even before the DRC, the US diplomat visited Côte d'Ivoire because "the United States and the Ivory Coast are firmly solidarity in the defense of democracy, security and shared prosperity».

The fear of the Russian-Nigerian alliance of the United States

«The people who made this decision (of the coup) understand very well the risks to their sovereignty posed by an invitation from Wagner“, said, according to Le Figaro, Victoria Nuland, in reference to the Russian paramilitary group Wagner, present in particular in neighboring Mali. "There are approximately 1000 US troops currently stationed in Niger» notes CNN.

As a reminder, RTL a reported that 1500 French soldiers are already in Niger, under the authority of the Niger army. The US media reports that Brigadier General Moussa Salaou Barmou had worked with US special forces in Niger for many years. The US diplomat has, according to CNN, affirm that "some of the putschists reportedly began to engagewith Wagner while this same US media wanted to add that "US officials said [Wagner], who has a significant presence in Africa, played no role in instigating the coup».

The United States favors negotiations with Niger

Despite France's war announcements (Emmanuel Macron will not tolerate no attack against France and its interests) and ECOWAS consisting in returning militarily to Niger, in order, according to their terms, to restore democracy, CBS-News points out than "what ECOWAS leaders will do now was not immediately clear" because "the region is divided on an action plan. There was no sign of military forces assembling on Niger's border with Nigeria, the likely entry point by land».

ECOWAS had, however, launched an ultimatum to the military who took power in Niger and demanded that President Mohamed Bazoum be reinstated in his functions, under penalty of armed intervention. In an interview at RFI the head of the US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken affirms to want first of all play the card of diplomacy:It is certain that diplomacy is the preferable way to resolve this situation.».

Already last April Anthony Blinken has Express her "deep concernregarding the activities of a private Russian military company in Sudan as fighting continued to escalate in the East African country. The United States does not want to lose Niger and is still trying to turn the political situation around through negotiations while France has lost its geopolitical cards there. But the empty-handed return of Anthony Blinken's right hand from Niger – Victoria Nuland – seems to show that both the United States and France have lost power in the Sahel. The question is to know if the negotiations in Niger between the United States and the new authority of the country relate to an agreement to want, in the end, to recognize the putschists if they refuse the presence of Wagner in the country because Victoria Nuland said well : “I hope they will keep an open door to diplomacy. We made them this offer". This could explain – for the moment – ​​the military non-intervention of ECOWAS if the latter has, in fact, really the military power.

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