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Does Ukraine realize that it risks being thrown under the NATO bus?

 Foreigners who trust in the US promise to cover their backs apparently ignore the plight of the Vietnamese, Libyans, Cambodians, Afghans and Iraqis who believed in Washington's promises. When the going gets tough, America says adios.

The following video cartoon is a canary in the mine. While the West seeks to blame Ukraine for the failed counter-offensive, some Ukrainians oppose this rhetoric, rightly pointing out that Washington and NATO's promise of their providing the weapon systems needed to repel the Russian offensive is nothing but lip service.

n the absence of success on the battlefield, Ukraine opts for the Ave Maria by drone, that is to say, it attacks a few Russian ships using maritime drones. These attacks are pinpricks that have no strategic significance in terms of diminishing Russia's military might. However, they are likely to prompt the Russian General Staff to consider attacks against NATO ISR systems operating over the Black Sea, due to the role played by Western aerial surveillance in providing the Ukraine with the information needed to attack these two Russian ships. Moreover, these attacks are likely to strengthen Russia's determination to impose a de facto embargo on Ukrainian ports in the coming weeks.

I wonder when London bookmakers will start offering bets predicting the downfall of Zelensky or the withdrawal of the Ukrainian army from the battlefield. This is another indicator that better predicts the evolution of the war in Ukraine than all the nonsense published by British intelligence services or the Institute for the Study of War.

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