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Does Poland want to provoke an incident to train NATO against Russia?

 The current Polish government is playing big by having decided to supply Volodymyr Zelensky with weapons, ammunition and mercenaries because now he is in the process of launching the bases of a new front in northern Europe with the corridor of Suwalki which separates the Russian territory from Kaliningrad and its Belarusian ally. Warsaw, which will soon return to the electoral period from next October, seems to want to act quickly because its population does not want this conflict because of Ukraine. 

The date of the new Polish elections is under pressure

The Polish parliamentary elections of 2023 will be held on October 15, 2023 in order to elect the 460 deputies of the 100th Diet Legislature and the 65 senators of the XNUMXth Senate Legislature, for a four-year term. Due to the growing opposition of the Polish population to the conflict in Ukraine, the current political power in Warsaw is strengthening a second front in northern Europe at the Suwalki Corridor. As a reminder, it is a border of XNUMX kilometers in a straight line between the two members of NATO, Poland and Lithuania, which separates Russian territory from Kaliningrad to Belarus. "The Suwalki Corridor is the only land space that connects the Baltic countries to the European NATO countries» warns the polish media Wiadomosci, which states that it is "one of the hottest spots in the world" and "the Polish government monitors the presence of the Wagner Group in Belarus». 

For the Polish media, "the presence of Wagner's soldiers in Belarus do not aim only to train soldiers“, but to make the connection between Kaliningrad and Belarus via the Suwalki corridor. According to Polish television DVT, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda says than "the Suwalki corridor between Lithuania and Poland could be threatened». 

For another Polish media, Kresy24, the moment of truth approach for NATO because "the transfer of the Wagner Group to the territory of Belarus, the provocative statements and actions of the Belarusian regime indicate that the Kremlin is increasing the level of tension and again blackmailing the West to bring Kiev to peace talks at all costs". For the Polish media, quoted last, “this will be the moment of truth for the entire NATO bloc. Failure to react immediately and decisively will mean that neither Article 5 NATO nor the Alliance itself exists de facto". The desire of a certain Polish political fringe to involve NATO in an escalation of the conflict against Russia in the Suwalki corridor appears. 

The current power in Warsaw is trying to provoke an incident in northern Europe?

A real race against time is engaged by the current power in Warsaw because, as the former CIA analyst Larry Johnson affirms it on the YouTube channel Judging Freedom, the majority of Poles do not share their government's military involvement in the conflict in Ukraine and that because of the forthcoming elections in Poland, this same Polish power is trying to provoke an incident with Russia to drag NATO into a direct conflict with that country". Last July a survey of CBOS has, moreover, indicated that 73% of Poles think that the conflict in Ukraine threatens the security of Poland.

Kresy24 suggests, in order to deal with a threat,to kill a large number of Wagner soldiers with rockets directly in their camp [in the village] where they are in Belarus, which will effectively deter Moscow and Minsk from escalation». 

Reinforcement of Polish forces

Kresy24 precise that, quoting the Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Poland, Maciej Wąsik, "2000 Polish soldiers are already stationed near the border with Belarus"And that"will send 2000 additional troops to reinforce its eastern border with neighboring Belarus». 

Polish paranoia a danger for NATO

Military Zone a know than "Belarus has launched a military exercise near the strategic corridor of Suwalki» and adds that «as long as in Warsaw or Vilnius, we fear so-called hybrid operations, that is to say conducted below the threshold of triggering a conflict with the intention of destabilizing the targeted countries». Military Zone reports the paranoia of the current Polish government quoting Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish Prime Minister: “It is very likely that they [Wagner's fighters] will disguise themselves as Belarusian border guards and help illegal migrants to enter Polish territory in order to destabilize Poland" "They will most likely try to enter Poland posing as illegal migrants, which poses an additional threat". The current Polish political power, which leads this NATO member, risks dragging France and the other NATO members into the spiral of a direct engagement against Russia for the Suwalki corridor and for its will to occupy the western part of Ukraine.

The Polish media Wiadomosci try to turn ridiculous the recent assertions of the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, when he has just affirmed that "Warsaw prepares to occupy western Ukraine“, referring to”an information war on the part of Russia". Due to Poland's military involvement in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict and the military consolidation of the Suwalki Corridor, the current power in Warsaw - Poland being a member of NATO - threatens to bring in the other members of the political and military Alliance in a direct conflict with Russia.

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