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A knight of the Anti-apocalypse: Pino Cabras

 Here is the one who should be the head of state of Italy – endowed however with a new institutional structure! – and who, if we refer to intellectual “leadership”, is already this hollow head of state.

Born in Sardinia 55 years ago, Pino Cabras, a financial analyst by profession, former vice-president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Parliament, worked alongside Margherita Furlan in particular.1 one of the closest collaborators of the great polemicist Giulietto Chiesa (1940-2020).2

It's in his Coherence over decades that one judges the morality of a politician. Has he modified his commitments according to the interest received? Or on the contrary, do we find a common thread in relation to which he never retracts?

In the case of Pino Cabras, it is clear. Opposed to the Iraq War, to Covid-XNUMX, to NATO's policy towards Russia3, to the policies of the IMF and the ECB, unwavering support for Julien Assange for whom he has traveled several times to London and elsewhere, here is the press release of August 11, 2023 from his Facebook page4 :

“Niger and Ukraine: the time of human sacrifice”

«He lacks medicine, food, electricity – even more than before. If we want to make the junta bend, we will have to continue with the sanctions», EU representative for the Sahel Emanuela del Rey, on the events in Niger.5

To which Cabras commented: "On August 11, I will be live with Enrica Perucchietti on Visione TV. We will analyze the implications – beyond imagination – of the interview given by Emanuela del Rey, EU representative for the Sahel, who states enthusiastically that “the sanctions in Niger are starting to take effect. He lacks medicine, food, electricity – even more than before”. So, are you all happy? Then we will talk about the current phase of the war in Ukraine, where whole cohorts of young people are sent to the crusher. The news of the day informs us about where these human sacrifices lead us during the various ongoing conflicts.».

To Watch TV6 Cabras then explained that it must be understood that for the Western elite, their own borders have nothing “national” about them, but encompass all the regions of the globe likely to provide them with strategic materials. However, unless going through prolonged deliberations at the United Nations and bearing on possible and proven violations of human rights, sanctions are an act of war, the modern form of a siege. In its abyssal stupidity, the EU foments conflicts in an area already languishing in misery – because plundered by the West – and populated by 130 million inhabitants. Who will inevitably come to take refuge in Western Europe. We understand that several countries, including Italy, will not look favorably upon an ECOWAS armed intervention in Niger...

Cabras continues with particularly well-informed and lucid considerations on Ukraine.

Fluent in French7, it would be desirable for Pino Cabras to appear regularly in the re-information press of the French-speaking world.

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