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MilesWeb Review: A Look at Their Shared Hosting Service

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MilesWeb Review: A Look at Their Shared Hosting Service

In recent years, the variety of hosting alternatives has gotten confusingly complex. The basics are simple: software is installed on a computing device that may respond to a networking event, such as a request for a webpage. The fundamental difference between all hosting alternatives is how that hardware and software is installed, configured, organized, packaged, promoted, and sold.

A dedicated server is an option for those who run huge websites or applications. This would offer them a device that they could employ exclusively in a data center that could handle thousands of daily visitors and significant processing. However, not all website owners can afford dedicated servers as it is an expensive deal. Thus, choose the best shared hosting plans.

One of the most popular hosting plans is shared hosting. Thousands of websites are saved and hosted on a single server under shared hosting. So, choosing your web hosting package becomes a good priority.

Renting and living in an apartment is kind of the same as shared hosting. Everyone in the residential complex has access to the common areas. You agree to share the courtyard, playground, parking lot, and swimming pool when you sign an apartment lease. The same is true for shared hosting. The available resources are shared by all users with their ' neighbors.' Each 'neighbor' is given a certain quantity of resources to use. These features would be CPU use, RAM, and storage space in shared hosting.

MilesWeb offers shared servers on which you may rent private space for your website. MilesWeb rents space on the same device, so processing, storage, and prices will be shared. It's essentially a shared server with several users.

MilesWeb is a relatively old hosting firm in India. The company boasts a clean, modern UI that's far more user-friendly than some of its competitors. You can sign up even if you don't live in India because support is available in English.

MilesWeb also has a wide selection of data centers than other Indian hosting companies. Your website might be hosted in India, the United States, Canada, Singapore, or the United Kingdom.

Shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, reseller accounts, and dedicated servers are just a few of the hosting options offered by MilesWeb.

Shared hosting services and features


MilesWeb's shared servers are the most straightforward hosting option because they come with pre-installed technologies such as PHP, MySQL, email, web builders, WordPress, and free layouts. Simple configuration is also possible as the company offers cPanel, which uses a graphical web interface.

MilesWeb provides a wide selection of software since, once configured and validated, it benefits every client on the system.


MilesWeb's shared server's software selection can be comprehensive, but you receive what you pay for. If your requirements are quite standard, that may be all you need.

You will not be able to install your own software in most cases. Because they're less popular or difficult to secure, options like Git, Node.js, and NoSQL databases are rarely offered.


Disk space, computing power, and bandwidth are unlimited on shared hosting plans by MilesWeb. It's a rare occurrence, but if you go over certain limits, your site may be pulled down. Because your site receives millions of requests resulting from a successful SEO campaign, MilesWeb cannot provide a lower level of service to other clients.

If you need better assistance, frequent backups, disc space, or a move to a capable server, MilesWeb offers upgrades. These are frequently seamless, allowing you to upgrade as needed.


The server's capabilities, as well as what others are doing on the same device, affect performance. Because resources are shared, if someone else's site is busy, it will affect your performance. As previously stated, hosts may throttle or shut down a crowded site to maintain consistent performance.


A shared server, like a dedicated server, is only as reliable as its hardware. MilesWeb still offers the best reliability with all the shared hosting plans.

However, the majority of shared servers are dependable. Because a failure could result in dozens of furious customers, MilesWeb has an incentive to regularly check devices and back up data.


MilesWeb's shared server is password-protected to protect users from themselves. You won't be able to access another user's account or do something dangerous.

Although it's more difficult to go wrong with a shared server, you can still trash a database or delete every file. Fortunately, backups are often only a mouse click away.


Security is the obligation of the host for the server to be attack-resistant. However:

A DoS assault on one of your clients' websites will have an impact on yours. MilesWeb responds fast, although there may be some downtime.

No host can stop you from using weak passwords or exposing your credentials to the public!


One of the most cost-effective hosting solutions is shared servers. MilesWeb offers the cheapest shared hosting plans starting at Rs. 60/mo. MilesWeb also offers a free SSL certificate and a domain free at this cost.

What Kinds of People Should Use a Shared Server?

Shared hosting is perfect for newcomers or smaller sites with standard needs and fewer than a few hundred daily visits.


It's simple to look around for a service that meets your needs, and MilesWeb offers simple (sometimes free) migration services if you decide to switch providers. MilesWeb is recommended because you get the best plans, resources, and features at the most affordable cost.

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